Closure of A press release


( USA, March 02/2010)

Despite ever-growing traffic of visitors/viewers to, the time  has come for the site be closed down for an indefinite period of time following the technical and managerial issues that has crept into the site recently.

The reasons arise out of the fact that the time period of the registration of this domain has run out and the web page designer(Himalayan Web Info. Pvt. Ltd, Kathmandu, Nepal) that was entrusted with the task of developing the site to its final form and hosting it with a different domain,, cheated us badly letting us not to blog about what we have been doing for nearly one and a half years.

Back in 2008, we conceived the concept of having a place in the internet to blog about the tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan and a vast majority of  Bhutanese folks all around the globe.Well, we came up on the final day of December 2008 with the idea to have a  web site on the issue, in fact the first of all diaspora sites for Bhutanese created over the past  with different intellectual perspectives and scholastic efforts. We do not claim ourselves to be so scholastic and precisely perspective thinkers in regards to working with but we did have a successful story in the past with an ever-increasing influx of visitors, viewers, well-wishers and above all, our advisors who, in some way served as beacon for our responsibility-laden ship to head its way surviving the Doldrums  on a vast ocean of socio-political criticism and diverse ideological Tsunamis. In a nutshell, prospered well ever since it was conceived  by resettled Bhutanese from third countries.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned reality about the success of the site, we have been now coerced into a most difficult juncture of technical and socio-political complexities associated with it. These left us, despite all our endeavors, incapable of keeping it up-to-date. We manage all efforts  to survive but things went other way round and we are compelled to close the chapter for an indefinite period of time.

Our thanks are due to our valued visitors, our senior Bhutanese reporters, Bhutanese intellectuals who supported us during hard times and above all, our team members, who, amidst the busy and hectic schedules of their daily living, worked devotedly to bring things updated on a regular and timely manner. Rationally speaking, we always stand hand in hand working together for a common cause of peace and happiness for people who are deprived of it. We still have a long way to go together and not to end with this.

We regret the inconvenience caused on the part of our valued readers, visitors and viewers as a result of its closure. Once again, we anticipate the valuable suggestions from our supporters on this subject.

We are once again sorry to say that the site, will be completely down on 8th May at 12.00 Mid night.

Editorial Board,

Bhutan agrees to resume Bilateral talks

Bhutan has agreed to resume ministerial level bilateral talks with Nepal to discuss on the issue of  its citizens who are languishing as refugees in Nepal, according to Kuenselonline.  During a short meeting with the Nepalese PM, Madhav Kumar Nepal yesterday in Thimpu, Prime minister of Bhutan, Jigme Y. Thinley expressed Bhutan’s willingness to put an end to the  refugee problem through bilateral dialogue between these two neighbors. Continue reading

Unemployment hits Pittsburgh- 50 Bhutanese laid off

Bhutanese at lunch break at Quality Driven Copack/post gazette

By Bhanu Phuyel
(Pittsburgh, PA)
“Having trouble finding a job in other states, you might give Pennsylvania a try”  this has been a popular saying among the Bhutanese resettled in different parts of the United States since the  employment situation of this state is said to be comparatively better. Dreaming for an entry level job to survive in this dire economic condition, Bhutanese refugees who were relocated in different US states are moving to Pennsylvania, particularly Pittsburgh.  But, this ‘Keystone State’ is no more a  favorable destination for us now. Continue reading

Burglary occurs at a Bhutanese apartment.

(April, 26) A group of burglars entered the apartment of a resettled Bhutanese located on the 3100 block of Coolidge Ave. in Oakland, California and took their valuables and some money yesterday at around 3:30 Pm. The thieves broke into Devi Charan Dahal’s apartment when the Dahal family had been out of the town for a day long excursion organized by their resettlement agency-International Rescue Committee(IRC), according to the victims. Continue reading

IUSY writes to SAARC on Bhutanese refugees issue

International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) has recently sent a letter to SAARC secretariat through IUSY Asia Pacific Committe on April 21, 2010. At times when the socio-political issue of Bhutanese Refugees is in a state of depletion, IUSY has tried to bring this crisis once again onto the tribune of global political discussions through this letter which is meant to hold a significant consideration during the upcoming SAARC session to be held in Thimphu, Bhutan from April 28-29, 2010. Continue reading

UK to take in Bhutanese refugees

United Kingdom has expressed its willingness to help resettle Bhutanese refugees living in seven camps in eastern Nepal.
Officials at the Home Ministry said UK will be resettling the refugees as part of Gateway Protection Program operated by the UK Border Agency in partnership with the Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Continue reading

Bhutanese celebrate new year in Manchester.

Sapan Pathak (Bhola)
Manchester, NH

Bhutanese American at Manchester, NH observed Nepali new year’s celebration amid diverse cultural shows, speeches and well-wishes of the year. The primary aim of the program was  to mark the beginning of the Nepali  new year 2067 B.S. and to  unite all the Bhutanese living in different counties and cities of  New Hampshire. Continue reading

Rizal appeals SAARC Leaders

April. 17, Bhutanese human rights activist and senior leader  Mr.Tek Nath Rizal has sent a letter  appealing  SAARC leaders and the observers of the summit  to take immediate initiations for the repatriation of Bhutanese  from the refugee camps in Nepal. Continue reading

अचम्मको पश्चिमेली सभ्यता

स्वतन्त्रताको नाममा नाङ्गिएका छन
प्रेम-एक साधरण यौन अरे,
कसैलाई कसैको प्रबाह छैन
आफ्नो आफान्तहरु परै छाडौ
आमा ,बाबा,दाजुभाई, दिदी-बहिनी सम्म चिन्दैन
साथी संङ्गीहरुको त झन के कुरा
छोरा फिल्डमा छ/छोरी फिल्डमा छ
बाबा आमा एकोहोरो मौन हेरिरहेछन

Continue reading

An open letter to Jigme Y.Thinley

By T.P. Mishra
The Prime Minister of Bhutan
Dear Mr. Thinley,
Please acknowledge my tardy wishes, both congratulations and appreciations, for serving the country in the aptitude of the first elected prime minister of a “democratic” Bhutan. In many areas in the country, some positive changes, which are noticeable, have taken place. This is an appreciating initiative. Honestly, you should, however, admit that the phenomenon of modern democracy is yet to be ushered in true guts. Continue reading

YOB attends World Congress

YOB delegates with the out going IUSY President and other representatives(Photo/Rajen Giri)

Youth Organization of Bhutan(YOB) attended the World Congress 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden from 25th to 28th March. Three member delegation of the organization including the president, Mr. Rajen Giri, YOB’s European focus person, Aakash Budhathoki and woman representative, Miss. Dhan Maya Ale had reached the Swedish capital at the invitation of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY), the August world forum of socialist, social democrats and the labor youths. Continue reading


पर्देशी तारा
(बफेल्लो सिटी ,न्यू योर्क )
झोला भयो जिन्दगी स्वदेशमा
तोला भयो जिन्दगी परदेशमा

बर्षायममा बग्दै जादा सुकी जाने
खोला भयो जिन्दगी मदेशमा Continue reading