(April Fool Digest)

Who is fool/full….?!

By T. Aatreya

The fine morning of April 1, 2003, I was getting ready to set out for my college when Pradeep, a close friend of mine doing his Master’s Degree, then, in Kathmandu, telephoned me and informed that he met with a terrible motorcycle accident a week before and lost one of his legs. Seriously injured, he was admitted to Bir hospital in Kathmandu. One of his major cardiac blood vessel was ruptured, so, he was going to have the heart related surgery the next day. His voice was dim, deep and painful. I could track uncontrollably painful sobbing of people in the background during our conversation. His words shattered me, I felt as though i was torn and left in lurch and deserted, avalanche of tears rolled off my eyes.I thought i must help him some how. Immediately, I called my teacher, creating a fake reason, I informed her that i would not be joining them at least for the next couple of days. Indeed, Pradeep and I were very close friends who shared the same room in the course of our +2 level of studies back in Biratnagar,a town in South Eastern part of Nepal, smoked the same pipe during our teen years and even ate from the same plate ever since our childhood. He had been a solacer for me in times of hardship and, vice versa. But, for some personal reasons, we had been geographically apart: one, in the hubbub of the Capital and the other in the tourist destination, Pokhara. In a bid to make sure once again that he had met with such a catastrophic accident and had been in the hospital, I called him. To my utter desperation, the line had been busy. I tried calling for at least a dozen times but to no avail. This led me to confusion as to whether the situation, further, got worsened and so no one picked up the phone. Finally,upon finding no other reliable alternative to pacify my throes, i decided to see him personally so, I caught the bus heading for the Kathmandu valley with a meager hope of seeing my bosom friend alive who was fighting with his ill- fate in the hospital. It was after five hours of tiresome bus trip that i was at Thankot’s terrible traffic when another friend, Dipak, called me. I told him the story but he laughed aloud, the act of which irked me. I yelled at him and finally he ejected the bitter reality, Hey! don’t you know it? “Today is the April Fool!! Pradeep gulled you”. He had called me an hour before and told me that he was at Gopi Krishna Cinema Hall with his girl friend, Mad with anger, I hung up the phone and straight away called this silly creature who brought a big commotion in my mind.And discovered that he was with his girl friend watching a movie in the theatre and as he picked up my phone, he, at the outset, wished me a Happy April Fool Day. I shrunk my self, a mixture of shamefullness, embarrassment, anger and a sense of inferiority arouse in my mind. I didnt wish to go ahead talking to him. so ‘silently’ crept in back to Pokhara the same day.
Well, this is my personal experience on April Fool Day when my friend duped and fooled me. This is just a simple incident happened on this day. Millions of people around the globe observe this day playing various pranks on others.Though different sources give different references as regard to the origin of this tradition, many believe Europe as the birth place of this celebration. Europeans, even today, celebrate this day commiting practical and impractical jokes, creating hoaxes and sending them to their relatives, friends and neighbours and making funs. The same tradition is observed in a peculiar way in France and among the French speaking Canadians where they play a trick of attaching a paper fish to the victim’s back with out being noticed. While in some of the Asian nations, the media observe this day publishing some fake news and thereby confusing the general people.In the recent years, celebration of this day has become popular in our country too, specifically among the younger generation.
We are social animal. As being gregarious in nature, we need family, relatives and companions. We create society, practice social virtues, etiquette and observe various social, religious and traditional functions, celebrations and festivals partly because they are our identity, they are the symbols of the civilisation of the bygone era(s) and it is our prime responsibility to preserve our tradition that are on the verge of extinction, for our generations. But, at the same time, in the name of tradition, lets not lead the public to delusion.
(DId you notice one thing? the affore-mentioned incident of mine is a Lie- a big lie!!! just a April 1 celebration!! hahaha)

Have a nice April Fool’s Day


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