Viewing New year thru a pessimistic lens!!

Oops! New Year

By T. Aatreya
“Happy New Year, sir,” a colleague of mine says to me. Obvoiusly, I have no other reply left with me for him, Thank you, and same to you sir”, I conclude the ready made answer in just a breathe which indeed is just a conventional formality.
With the approach of the new year 2066, the nepali restaurants and hotels are getting packed,large crowds have started gathering around the gift houses,fancy stores and shopping complex especially in Nepal. Huge and lavish parties are being thrown to make an auspicious beginning of the year.Young lovebirds seem busy to offer wishes and best regards to their beloved. Above all, the whole atmosphere has been swayed by the wave of New Year.And we all are planning to celebrate the new year’s eve with a great sense of vigor.
But, if we bring back to mind those yesteryears that we have so far waved goodbye, turn each of the pages of our diaries back and make a micro analysis of each second,minute,hour and days of those years, no doubt, we get ourselves lost in the dense fog of nostalgia and thus sink in apathy. Last night only i checked out the inbox of my cellphone that has gone bulky with sms from dozens of my friends.Some of the messengers wished me a wonderful New Year while a very few had invited me at a special new year’s dinner, but to my utter surprise, I hardly found a single message written about the year 2055 to which we are giving a farewell.
An advent of a new year doesn’t only mean a matter of happiness and merrymaking but distress and desolation too. It is because a brand new year only begins when an old year ends up or say a new year appears at our corridor only when we agree to deduct three Hundred and sixty five days from the total days of our lives, which we never regain much as we cry, complain or long for it. In fact, the reel of our life is getting shorter and shorter and sadly we are enjoying over it. Are we suppose to enjoy over the approaching of the day when we actually lie down on the bed for ever? of course not. Rather, we should mourn at the withering of a year and weigh ourselves in its pan before we actually accept the invitation to a New Year’s party.I don’t mean to object the celebration of New Year here but just wish to say that not to forget the bygone days for, they are equally important to us.New year is strange to us,days are uncertain.They may go worse or turn better. the success /failure in new year depends upon our deeds and lessons learnt from those passed days/years.


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