Santi Ram Nepal killed in Bhutanese Refugee camp

Beldangi-I, April 21: An unidentified gunman fired four rounds of bullets and killed Shanti Ram Nepal, 56, of Beldangi-I camp, B-2/155 around 8:45 PM today.
Both, the camp secretary TB Gurung and the camp-based Armed Police Force (APF) confirmed the casualty this evening.Nepal was said to have been a member of the underground Communist Party of Bhutan (Maoist) that says it will start an armed struggle in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan to overthrow its hereditary monarchy.

The 52-year-old is said to have left the party recently.More than 100,000 Bhutanese have been living in refugee camps in east Nepal since their eviction by the Druk government almost two decades ago.

After hopes of repatriation failed, many of the refugees have opted for settlement in western countries.

Led by the US, other governments like Canada, Norway and Australia have offered to provide a new home to the refugees.

The exodus however created tension between those who want a fresh start and those who want the world community to pressure Bhutan into taking its citizens back.
“There is no security for refugees in camps”, said Gurung, who accompanied Nepal’s wife and daughter as they were rushed to AMDA-Hospital.
According to the hospital source they have lost their consciousness as they could not tolerate the shooting.
Our correspondent Arjun Pradhan reported that the APF arrested two girls from the same camp for investigation.
The dead body is kept at the APF camp in Beldangi-I.(AP)Email this post to friend

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  1. Hi all of the editors of this site.thank you all for this is that please give better information with picture and photo of bhutanese refugee camp that we all r able to know what is going on the camp.thanks

  2. Plz, give more information abt the bhutanese refugee in nepal. It is also better to have a video abt the bhutanese refugee’s condition in camp, in hut. So that we r really appricate with this website.

  3. Hi, interesting post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for writing. I will definitely be subscribing to your site.

  4. it is good for those who are outside nepal.and we hope we will get more information from this and other news too.

  5. i think readers want more information or long article about that news.

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