Bhutanese refugees in Australia celebrate resettlement anniversary

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Adelaide, Southern Australia
About 300 Bhutanese refugees gathered at Olympic House at Franklin Street mark the first anniversary of their arrival in Australia, showcasing their food, culture, dance and singing
The first two refugee families had arrived South Australia on May 13 last year. Of 700 Bhutanese refugees resettled in Australia, 300 have made Adelaide their homes. They have started fresh lives in Adelaide, New South Wales, Victoria, Tamania and Darwin.
Inaugurating the anniversary function, Premier Mike Rann said that he was impressed by the remarkable quality and commitment shown by Bhutanese refugees. According to Bhuwaneshor Sharma, a Nepalese journalist based in Adelaide, , Rann said he was looking forward to know more about Bhutanese people. “The story of Australia is the story of migrant. I am myself a migrant,” he added. Greg Kelly, state Director at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, appreciated the communities’ contribution in Victorian Bushfire early this year. Lately, the Bhutanese have come together to start a Bhutanese Australian Association under the chair of Ratan Gazmere, a Bhutanese rights activists back in Nepal. Ratan reached Adelaide three months back with his family. He said he is happy to be there to start anew. About 5,000 refugees will make home in Adelaide, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Darwin with in the next five years as a part of Australian government’s commitment to resettle them


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