Repatriation Forms distributed in Camps!

Bhutanese refugees protesting in Kathmandu Nepal 0n 2. June 2006,(

Bhutanese refugees protesting in Kathmandu Nepal 0n 2. June 2006,(

Nepal based Non-political organizations of the Bhutanese Refugee have,once again after a long silence,come forward with a repatriation campaign in order to drag attention of the international community over the long festering Bhutanese refugee crisis and pressurize the tiny Himalayan Kingdom bring these ‘Lotsampas’ back to their homeland.
Organizations such as Human Rights Organization of Bhutan, Bhutanese Refugees Repatriation Council (BRRC) Bhutan Gorkha National Liberation Front (BGNLF) have distributed repatriation forms to the refugees residing in all the seven UNHCR administered Bhutanese refugee camps in eastern Nepal.
The form, scripted in both English and Nepal that features refugees’ bio-data, such as Name, DOB, address in Bhutan, citizenship status, land and property ownership and detail family information, needs to be filled by each of the families. The campaign is supposed to go for the next 2 and a half months after which the filled out forms, would be sent to the concerned authority. However, its not clear who the ‘concerned authority’ is- Government of Bhutan, India, Nepal or the international community.
More than 107,000 Nepali speaking Bhutanese refugees are living in two of the Eastern districts,Jhapa and Morang, of Nepal since their eviction from Bhutan in the early 90s as a result of the ethno-centric discriminatory policy of the Druk regime against them. After the failure of several rounds of ministerial level bilateral talks between Bhutan and Nepal meant for repatriating these refugees, United States put forth its willingness to resettle some 60,000 ill-fated Bhutanese refugees solely on Humanitarian ground in 2007. Later Australia, Canada, Newzealand, Norway and Denmark joined the US.So far around 13000 refugees have already been resettled in these nations. Following their resettlement, the refugees themselves divided into two blocs: one group chose repatriation and the other opted resettlement in the third country having seen no other ways to end their destitute lives. Since their division, there has been riots and clashes between them that,eventually put the security situation in the camps at stake. These refugees who had been living in perfect peace and harmony for the last 15 years unfortunately, have to witness scores of crimes and incidents in recent years.
All the Nepali Bhutanese, those in the camps and in abroad hope that this campaign launched by the seniors would turn fruitful in their repatriation.

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