….has put a question mark on the Woman’s right situation in Nepal.

The Helpless lady. (

The Helpless lady. (

Nepal, the Land of Everest and the birth place of Great Gautama Buddha, is wonderful in itself in terms of its natural beauty, historically popular sites/monuments and its typical customs and the tradition. Keep aside the panoramic vistas of snow cladded Great Himalayas in the North, the hospitality of the Nepalis have always made this nation known to the outside world.

But, its unfortunate that the same country that drags the attention of the rest of the world with its natural beauty, the kindness and generosity of its citizens, some times perplexes everyone with some disgustingly dirty and offensive news.
These pictures depict a very unpleasant incident happened in the heart of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal a few days back. Sadly, such inhuman incident had happened to a meek lady in a city where the Ministry of Home boasted of having a very tight security situation.It happened in Kathmandu where there are some thousands of Women Rights Activists who pocket the foriegn funds in the name of advocating women rights and where there are some hundreds of organizations working for protection of women against all kinds of violence and abuses.
The wild crowd.

The wild crowd.

According to, a Nepali blog, On May 20, 2009 at around 9 PM, a chunk of mischievous guys who hang around in the Ratna Park area in the capital city at night seeking for Drugs and Marijuana encountered with a lady who seemed in her Thirties. Having found this lady alone there and helpless, they beat her mercilessly with what ever they found around-broken bricks, metal pieces,etc and tore all her clothes.They unclothed her and even hit at her private parts. “Save me, save me!! I’m being killed…..!!” The long, painful groan of this lady could be heard far and wide but no cops showed up there though this place was just in a stone throw distance from one of the Security Posts of the Valley. The mad gang of these people made this lady nude and took her to the street blaming her to be a ‘characterless’ lady(This adjective is generally used in Nepal to refer to a prostitute). By then, a big mob had already gathered but no one did dare to oppose the way they were doing. When the police arrived at the scene after 30 minutes, the lady with barely anything worn, was being taken to the nearest Bus stop to take her to another town where she would be made to walk around naked. The identity of the lady is still not disclosed.
This is just an incident that is brought to light by the media. Thousands others of the same nature are taking place in other parts of the nation daily. All the political leaders and so called ministers of Nepal are these days fighting for a piece of bone. They don’t bother what happens to the citizens neither do they have time to listen to their plights. They value the people only during election just to draw more votes. Who is going to talk on behalf of this lady? No one.
( All Photos from the courtesy of Mysansar)


11 Responses

  1. This is not that serious to the nepalese people right from top to bottom who speaks the language that they want to sleep with their own mother. Let the god and godesses of this land always bless them like this.

  2. Nepal is welknown for such barbaric acts, such acts have special honour in their society. This is just one which media has brought out. Good Luck Nepalis, they are your own sisters and mothers…

  3. Those involved animals, no not even animal… animal do have brain… they are uncategorized spieces burden to humankind… they shoud all be given the same punishment….. or even harsh one……

  4. its so disgusting, every day i read newspaper different paper will always get space for political views, why we are so compelled to listen always bad news related to innocent people, this incident was happend in Ratnpark ???
    wat police were doing at the moment, so sameful to Nepali Government
    its feel really hurt as being lady ,

  5. how they can do like this.Instead standing she would have torn their clothes

  6. Instaed of helping the innocent person they laugh,have a sex emotion infront of that women, This is the main weakness of nepali people that makes them shameful themselves. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy no comment s for this…………………..

  7. Ooooffff!! Why r we still sleeping eyes wide shut? R we still n the primitive age? 8’s truly, frankly shameful, I should say too shameful to say shameful..

  8. what a shame !!! really too shame !! when will we change ????

  9. hay! wat hell is going on nepal?therez the great question arose that those guys they dont have Amma, Didi,Bahene?Affu khany thal ma aafai hok6 vany ko ye he ho

  10. Truly Shameful. How can they do this?

  11. Very sorry. I am deeply shocked. I have no words to write.

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