Bhutanese In Colorado

Bhutanese community folks in Colorado

Bhutanese community folks in Colorado

Following the resettlement of the Bhutanese Refugees in the USA, some six hundred residents of seven different camps of Nepal have chosen Colorado as their home. The influx of refugees is still in progress and it is speculated that it will house about two thousand more homeless people from Bhutanese refugee camp, Nepal.
The first group of Bhutanese of Nepali origin to enter Colorado is the family of Nar Bahadur Khadka of Pathari (Morang). They arrived here in March 2008 via Denver International Airport, one of the biggest airports in the US. Majority of the Bhutanese live in north -eastern Colorado in the cities and counties of Denver and Aurora. They have easy access to Denver metro area with its abundance of health facility, education and employment opportunity as these people have rented homes along Colfax, the east-west US Highway. Another group of some ten families of Bhutanese have resettled in another place called Colorado Spring, south-east of Colorado.
With an exception to some disturbing news , it is a good pace to live with its changing weather and the panoramic view of the mighty snow-clad Rocky Mountain. Welcome home Coloradans!


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  1. well a gud article,we feel happy when we get more peoples here in colorado.Most of the peoples are happy here but the main problem is job..we dont get job.Photo is very good in the post.

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