A letter from Kathmandu

About Girija, the culprit leader of Nepali Congress.

Dear editor,
We, the Nepalese people, are suffering from the notorious character of the party leaders – Congress, UML, Maoists. They are hungry for power and money.They have no vision as to how to build the nation. Girija Prasad of Nepali Congress, Madhav Nepal (the most opportunist) of UML and Prachanda of the Maoists are obsessed with breaking up the country by taking a personal vendetta against the King and creating false and made-up traps one after the other. Girija Prasad Koirala is one of the main culprits and the most selfish leader in Nepali Congress. We are very anxious as to why Indian leaders have been supporting such an irresponsible man. He has been destroying the identities of Nepal and he has disregarded the norms of democracy. I think it will be dangerous for India too. Girija has supported all of the Communists including the Maoists. Due to his leadership, anarchism has been established in Nepal. Now he has proposed the name of his characterless daughter, Sujata Koirala, as the leader of the party’s Ministers in the controversial coalition government.
I hope there is an outlet to the country’s crises only on the condition that there would be continuity of monarchy, announcement of Hinduism instead of secularism and no compromise against Nepali as the national language. Iraq never saw a day of peace after monarchy was abolished in 1958 and later when a person like Saddam Hussein came to power. Afghanistan has fallen into civil war since monarchy was finished off in 1973. Millions of people have been killed. Nepal’s situation is more complicated than that of Afghanistan and this country cannot survive by displacing monarchy. The most serious danger Nepal is facing is its breakup and disintegration and the only solution is to bring together the nationalist forces including the monarchy.

Thank you.
Dirgha Raj Prasai

(Mr. Prasai writes for bhutanusa.com from Kathmandu)


5 Responses

  1. Dear Mr. Rahul jee !
    I support your views about the feudal monarch .But I am not the supporter of dictator kingship. I am always supporting the people-oreiented monarchy. I never support the dictator king of Bhutan. The king of Bhutan is the puppet of India.

    You know- actually, Bhutanese king is like a monster for his citizens.The forcefully throwing out the Nepalese Speaking Bhutanese from the country will prove the brutality of the Crown of Bhutan and recently in India the former Bhutanese King Jigme Singhe Wangchuk told the media that not all Bhutanese refugees in Nepal are Bhutanese. This is a perfect lie. Ignoring all realities, no one can trust such a tactic to label genuine Bhutanese citizens as illegitimate citizens. So, never try to compare the monarchy of Nepal with such notorious king of Bhutan. You can read my two comments, above- oncemore.
    Thank you.

    Dirgha Raj Prasai

  2. Dear dirgaji,
    i have read your articles in several online sites and ama satisfied with all those but i dont kno y i m not satisfied with this one of yours articles that tilts towards the feudal monarch of Nepal.

  3. Dear friends including Puspa !
    I am not the follower of monarchy. But, how we can adjust in Nepal without the security. The culprit leaders can’t secure the nepal and Nepalese idendities.
    You know- Why would there be a need of a King if Nepal can survive without it? But Nepal should not be compared to other nations. Monarch is Nepal’s alternate power. Nepal does not demand an autocratic royal institution but a pro-people institution. The institution of monarchy is such a force that fights off imperialist force to create a greater Nepal. The King of Nepal never sold the nation, pleaded before foreigners nor killed the people and will never do so. I wouldn’t have said so if I was a citizen of Japan or any other nation, I would have said that the nation will survive without the monarchy, but I am in Nepal. The geographical and class reality of Nepal is such, that the absence of monarchy would mean there will be no Nepal.
    This nation was created with joint efforts between the people and the King. Royal Institution is the backbone of Nepali nationality; it is a pillar of trust for continuing stability between China and India. The royal institution is the base pillar for the lasting creative democratic nationalism, which is pessimistic towards autocratic and imperialist management, traitors and terrorism. Nepal as a republic can pose a threat to both India and China. The royal institution is in row, because some Maoist leaders, puppets from Congress, and UML following Indian directives went against the royal institution. Nepal is a country having a rich cultural heritage.
    Please, reply with comment .
    Thank you.
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

  4. Dear Puspa !
    I am also convinced about your opinion- ‘Nepal need a good leadership. Nepal lack good leader’ but in the context of Nepal, ( if you want beautiful sovereign Nepal) without monarchy Nepal can’t move. This is the reality of Nepal. The most unfortunate fact is that majority of our political leaders are Indian agents. To save nepal there should be parmanent institution. It is worthless to expect from these leaders to save our nationality and independence. This is the reality of Nepal. Girija is a traitors like Landub of Sikkim.
    Thank you.
    Chandra Raj Gurung

  5. I have gone through the letter from Kathmandu. Why Dirgha Raj Prasai support the king? It is not applicable to the Bhutanese who are the victim of king. I personally never support the king because they are not the elected leader. May the situation the of Nepal can be compare with Iraq or Afghanistan. But the situation of Nepal cannot be compare with Iraq. Is there suicide bomb attack going on in Nepal also? Is there religious conflict in Nepal? Is the violences are like Iraq and Afghanistan? Why he support the king ?

    Now Nepal need a good leadership. Nepal lack good leader. It is the responsibility of every Nepali to select their not to blame those who are there.

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