साहित्य शनिबार

Room No 114:

Yaduraj Baral.

Lazily came I out of my hut
Rains drizzling stop not I thought
Half-drenched onto the road I got
Buses on strike displayed the board.

Love I broke once,  it was not fair
I was therefore called to repair
Long road it was of eighty mile
If failed she could claim a file.

Unknown sat I at a crowded park
White taxi lifted me to show a mark
Across the buildings, across the town
Ahead it drove and green was the lawn.

I saw someone open the gate
Sweetly greeted pretty was the maid
In she called me and offered me ale
I didn’t notice very big was pale.

Ease I felt then upon her chest
Closed was the door lights little red
With her hands soft on my chest
What had happened… I had the rest!

Early in the morning heard I knock
Surprisingly jumped off great was shock
He is the one pointed at me cop
‘Girl’ was not there I was buckled up.

I would like..

I would like to observe Honey don’t move a slight
In this lonely greener pasture till I erase my plight,
Of the mystery hidden in you without a single side
Left for future in a thirst tell me if I am right.

No my dear; ask me sun, moon or a star to bring
From underworld, from beyond ruby, pearl or a being
That you wished gift from me why not a rare ring
But ashamed I go to ajar myself before this modest thing.

No not I, so you seem you have the heart of stone
Laggard in love or bodily impaired sure you have wrong
True in love at promise loyal I will take up my turn
Do come close as you wish lest I will be gone.

No no Heart not a dastard for you I am strong
Come on forth ready I am find where I am wrong.

(The author is the member of bhutanusa.com Team)


6 Responses

  1. Awesome yadu ,we anticipate more peoms from you.I thank to mr.editor for this site.This website became a first Site which gives mainly the situation of bhutanese refugees.We appreciate your work.
    I request Editor to publish more poems of yadu Raj.He is really a great poet.Appreciated..

  2. Really a good peom yadu dai.Keep writting these types of peom.We really want to see your creation in coming days.You are a great poet.It would be nice if editor publish the poems in every day instead of saturday only.We like to see and read more peoms like this.I like this poem verymuch.

  3. Beautiful Poems Yadu!

    its been a pleasure working with you and the Bhutanese

  4. Yea!! I like it
    Thank you for sharing

  5. Nice poems man. keep writing u can compile them and then publish. U have the caliber, it seems.

  6. Really good and funny.

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