An appeal of the BASCO to the Oakland Police Department.

The Chief of Police,

Oakland Police Department,
455 7th St
Oakland , CA 94607

With due respect we would like to draw your attention that within the last four months, eleven Bhutanese refugees are looted in seven separate incidences in Oakland/Fruitvale area. The victims are Bhutanese youths, men and women. They are stalked, beaten and looted, in some cases at gunpoint. Few of the cases are reported to the Oakland police, others go unnoticed. But the concerns in the Bhutanese community is growing as they have become prime targets. There are about three hundred Bhutanese people in the Bay Area and the US government is resettling more. The traumatized victims are living in constant fear. It has become more and more difficult for them to commute and walk freely. It is unfortunate that most of them were expelled from their country of Bhutan in 1990s due to ethnic cleansing. They spent almost two decades in refugee camps in Nepal . Now, they are being brought in America by the US government and resettled in different parts of the country but they are still not safe.
Therefore, the newly formed BASCO (Bhutanese Community Support Organization in America) based in Alameda, CA, requests the Oakland Police Department (OPD) to speak directly to the new Bhutanese people and reassure them safety and security; give them ideas, precautions, tips and other useful tools at their disposal to help them establish a normal life. In order to avoid future incidences and possible loss of lives, we are seeking your immediate attention. We also ask the local communities, media and politicians to come together and help the OPD to bring this problem under control with multi-sectoral approaches and strategies. BASCO is very interested to help the community. We are ready to arrange a meeting hall as soon as possible if you designate an officer to speak to the Bhutanese people. Kindly let us know at your earliest. For more information, please contact Dick Chhetri at 510421 8979/Phal Rai at 5104595504 or email at:

Dick Chhetri
(Note: BASCO is a California based non political and non profit organization of the Bhutanese Americans)


3 Responses

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  2. its sad to know that bhutanese are not safe in USA.

  3. Thank you who ever is this to post the letter in this site. same is the situation here in Texas too. lets all appeal to the authority for our safety.

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