Bhutanese get a taste for Australian life

(The Border Mail Newspaper, Australia.)
The Border’s Bhutanese community was shown what it means to be Australian on Saturday. Almost 100 Bhutanese refugees were invited to the Albury Sportsground for a barbecue lunch and to watch the football match between the Albury Tigers and Wodonga Raiders. Children were presented with footballs and Tigers jumpers, and enjoyed a kick during the breaks. Tim Farrah, who with his wife Anne has adopted a Bhutanese family, said the initiative aimed to teach the new residents more about life on the Border. “It’s a matter of trying to blend the cultures and let them see what we do on a Saturday afternoon,” he said.
“It’s not so much about football, but just about making them feel welcome in the community.” Teju Chouhan, who arrived in Albury late last year, said the football match was a good opportunity for the Bhutanese people to mix with local residents. Mr Chouhan, however, was less sure about Aussie rules.
“We are new to this footy,” he said


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