साहित्य शनिबार-


Ghana Shyam Regmi
(Chicago, USA)

He who doesn’t identify himself,
He who doesn’t see his kinsmen,
He who doesn’t regard his relatives,
Is an idiot not a wise.
If I don’t identify myself
If I don’t see myself
If I don’t regard others
I am an idiot, not a wise.

If you don’t identify,
See, regard and count yourself
You are an idiot not a wise.

If a law-master isn’t adjudging just and unjust
Religious master not distinguishing religion and irreligion
Male, the bravery and female, the femininity
Teacher, the teacherhood; students the studentship
Rich, the Charity
Poor, the softhood
He is an idiot not a wise.

Oh, you humans!
How have you been identified?
See once!

The garden is identified
by the flowers it bears
Trees by the fruits
Clouds by the rains
Sky by its vastness
Electricity by flashes of lights
And inanimate stone
Has been identified as the God.
Sun by the heat
Air by the perfume
Earth by the pollution

What have you given for your identification?
Just vanity! Or
Concealing your glory
Ruining brotherhood
How? Or
Having brushed off your entire generations?
Troubling the poor, or
Marketing your dignity!

See, how you have been identified,
Putting an end to the kinsmanship
And cindering your assistence
Now, in this mundane anyone, who
Likes to be identified has been already introduced, but,
After an industrious deed,
Identifying the men
Protecting one’s realm
Being sacrificed in the native soil
He will for sure

( Translated  into English by Yadu Raj Baral)


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