साहित्य शनिबार-

My lost Angel-Longing to see you!!

Tilak Atreya

I saw the moon shinning bright
twinkling stars of the dark night,
yet, I feel you glow more
enlightening my heart- nook and core.

I heard the cuckoo singing sweet,
howl of owl and fledglings tweet
blowing wind and murmuring brook
Spring show up with a new look
Dancing deer on Mountain’s flank
Yet, I find all these blank
Coz, I feel your song’s depth-
Deeper than oceans, mighty and great.

I found an angel (you) in my sleep
sweet and sexy she gave me a peep
We spent time together that night,
Wow! all was bright with her light.
glittering face and magical voice,
Yeah! I leaped up, wasn’t that my choice?!
I kissed her cheeks, lips and eye,
We got lost in each other’s world
I saw none the next day’s morn
I felt as though I had been torn,
All I found was the dampen bed,
Since then never I have met.

Where are you? please be back to me,
The world seems dark, so I can’t see.
Days and nights I’m wandering around
To ask the folks if you have been found.
‘No’ say all and closed their gate,
Centuries went by, How long to wait?

Come and jingle around my life,
And give me lessons how to survive.
And forget my pain with your lull.
Bloom in me with fragrance full.


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