Another Bhutanese assaulted in California.

Bhim Timsina, a newly resettled Bhutanese refugee here in Oakland under the state of California has been assaulted by an unidentified thug last night at around 11:pm. Bhim was beaten on his head, face and was admitted to the nearest High land General Hospital.

Bhim Timsina who was attacked in California

Bhim Timsina who was attacked in California

The incident unfolded when Mr. Timsina was coming back from his work. He has to walk a distance of around three to four blocks on foot getting off the bus before he reaches his home. Out side his apartment, as he was about to climb the staircase unfortunately he encountered with a Bulgar. Mr. Timsina says, “I at once saw a tall man standing in front of me and was asking money. As I tried to put my hands into the pocket, he gave a big blow over my face and then I didn’t know what else happened, I was unconscious”. Though he was discharged from the hospital this morning, still he said he is having acute pain on head. His cheeks are aparently swollen.

Bhim Timsina with his family

Bhim Timsina with his family

However, this is not the first case of this kind happened to the Bhutanese Community in the town. As many as 10 resettled Bhutanese so far have been attacked, looted, beaten severely at night in different cases before.A month before some Bhutanese fellows were looted inside AC transit bus. All the victims reported that the incident happened when they were coming back home from work at night. Though, the Bhutanese organizations in this area have appealed the local authority to pay heed towards it, yet, no any measures have been taken so far in this regard.


4 Responses

  1. Hi every one;
    I am the one who was victimized in California. This happened to me after a day of fateful incident in Florida. Most of my friends were asking me about the reason of being beaten, I want to convey my friends and relatives that there need to be no aye reason, if we get sudden encounter with such thugs at night there is 90% possibility to happen such bad incident.

  2. hi everybody it is time 2 be alert n raise our voice n be stronger.we the bhutanese people r suffering a very painful n unbearable is very bad news to b beatten,murdered n looted.

  3. Hi ladies n gentle man , we the bhutanese people r badly tourtered n murdered too. so, let us wake up . i t is u n me facing the same situation now or the other time.

  4. Hey everyone wake up.
    Each day our people are getting beaten up and one is killed as well. Why are you not caring?Why those people who established different organization and got huge stimulus plan not taking this issue to federal government?
    Folks its time to do something to save our self.
    Lets get together to be stronger.

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