Peeping refugee camp through pics.

We received a big bunch of fresh pictures of the Bhutanese refugee camp,Beldangi-2 yesterday from one of our relatives and well wishers there. So, we decided to upload here a few of them and the rest will be uploaded later when we upgrade the blog some times in October/November(maybe).

A lot of changes have been realized in refugees(from their life style to the level of their thought) after their resettlement in some third countries yet, the refugee camp hasn’t changed. Its as same as it was when we left it a year ago.

They still have to struggle this way(below) so as to get a gallon of drinking water.

Day time temperature soars up in summer.The sweating face of this elderly refugee woman speaks for itself as to how difficult is the living there.

Some refugees run such mobile shop and thereby earn some thing to educate their children after the tenth grade.

While a few others operate a vegetable shop inside the refugee camps.

Those who don’t have ‘strength’ to run business, work at home and make some money.
Even the older folks do some kind of works and utilize their leisure.

The scene of the Down Town Beldangi-2 (Take it easy!) locally called the ‘Bangay Bajar’.

The armed police force of Nepal has been deployed here in the camp for the security of the refugees.
A group of refugees waiting outside the LWF office to get their official work done. On the walls of the white building we can see anti-resettlement graffiti written by some under ground outfits of the camps.

11) A Bhutanese refugee girl desperately waiting her name to be called out side the health center in Beldangi Refugee camp.

12) Refugee kids posing for photo graph.

Photos by:Ramesh


5 Responses

  1. hi
    your site is really great ,more than,very clear,informative moment breaking and the part of downtown beldangi 2 is very fantastic reality.
    plz upload more.
    well wisher, Roshan Majhi
    Dallas Tx

  2. Great! It brought in me a nostalgic feeling. Poor refugees are suffering really very badly. Fill up the resettlement forms guys. Hurry up

  3. i like the downtown Beldangi 2 version…lol..awesome..u guys are doing a great job.

  4. I am glad to watch this pic. Plz upload more picture in this site about refugee camp.
    Pittsburgh, USA

  5. comeon guys! what are you all looking for? proceed the way of America……..We all are waiting your arrival….Mostly build the future of these innocent kids….You will enjoy a better life than in refugee camp in every sense…..Do it….!!!

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