साहित्य शनिबार-

Yadu Raj Baral(Michigan)

Yadu Raj Baral(Michigan)

Journey Bus

Life is like a journey bus
On road that is dusty;
Rich or poor together thus
Drive on alone their beauty.

Has its own start and an end
From minute to big with a tale;
Ahead it drives within a fend
Across the hill, plain and dale.

Cool-fresh waterfalls you see
Warm and hot certain you feel!
Though you urge drivers do flee,
For life’s journey is to go still.

It gives shade and delightful fun
Same everywhere isn’t this earth;
With you go these passengers none
Though in life sought unison birth.

Unseen beauties jewel your eyes
And in them fills full charms of nature!
Same rule all amidst secretly hides
Alas! Your journey proves  displeasure.

You know not yourself where you arrive
But, journey bus comes back to ply!
Life journey ends somewhere this drive,
Same journey again neither you make nor I!

(Mr. Baral is the member of Bhutanusa.com core group)


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