Body of Nandi Kishor Cremated according to the Hindu rites

Around a hundred of Bhutanese and some Indian Americans gathered at a local funeral home in Chelsea, MA, to pay final tribute to the late Nandi Kishor Kharel today.  The funeral ceremony that started at around 9 o’ clock this morning ended after a couple hour at the noon, according to our friend, Rakesh Kafle there. The body was cremated according to the Hindu rite- a few lines of ‘Geeta'(Hindu religious book) was readout by a Hindu Priest at a part of the tradition before his father offered the last fire(Daagbatti)to his dead son’s pyre.

Earlier on Friday, Kharel  family had appealed a few organizations after having learnt that neither the state nor their resettlement agency was going to help them for the funeral ceremony of their deceased son. But, no help has been given from any of the organizations. ‘Finally with the collective contributions of  a  few Indian volunteers and the resettled Bhutanese Community there, today’s program was conducted’, reports Mr.Kharel.

Replying to our query as to where the dead body had been kept after the authority handed it over to the family, Mr. Kafle said, ‘It had already been late on Friday when the authority finished the medical procedure of the dead body, so kharel’s body was  kept in the hospital the following weekends and was handed over to his family this morning only’.

Nandi Kishor Kharel, a 27 years resettled Bhutanese in Manchester was pronounced dead in the morning of August 06, shortly after he suffered sudden heart attack and was subsequently admitted to a local hospital.

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  1. My prayers and those of the International community here is Syracuse, NY go out to the family and all who knew him and his beloved wife. We will help in any way possible to comfort those relative from Syracuse, NY. May the Most High God bring comfort to all.

  2. I know Mr. Nandu Kharel closely, i am related to him and his family members but what to do every thing is in the hand of GOD. So it happened, it is god grace that all the sentient being need to bear it.
    I do join to express the heart felt condolence to the bereaved family at this time on the tragedy befallen at this time onto all, the family members and the relatives.

    May his soul rest in peace in heaven

  3. We are deeply shocked to hear the untimely demise of Mr. Nandu Kharel, a dynamic gentleman of the Bhutanese community recently resettled in Boston, Massachussets.

    We would like to extend our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family on the tragedy befallen at a time when the family needs him the most. Please muster courage to bear the irreparable loss.

    Mysterious indeed are the ways of GOD and man is simply a tool in his hands.

    May his soul rest in peace in heaven.

    Vermont Bhutanese Association (VBA)

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