A man to fame

Author: Yadu Raj Baral(Michigan,USA)

Nothing to us the legends have told;
A man after him they are made,
There isn’t this science in nature old,
Among the dwellers of wildest bed. (self)

Hindu society from primordial era has been based on strong patriarchal system. There are numerous irregularities that got introduced in the society, which as per time cycle established into the rites and rituals. Culture and the society are, however, interdependent, too much of nescient culture must be checked out while culturing the society. It is society that should keep uniform balance between the culture and society.

All these irregularities incepted from an aspirant man who misinterpreted the treatises. The number of learned being very few, he steered the principle ‘might is right’ and he himself justified as the law builder in the society. The other who trusted him as their Guru could not protest him as they are fear filled with the nonce-words like hell, heaven and consequences of their disobedience, etc. Moreover, his students established a cult that the sciences imbibed by their Guru should be exercised anyhow rather than to think them otherwise.

At first, the same aspirant man targeted those unaware and unlearned people who remained silent. He thought they were likely to prove milk-fed snakes against his nesciences. So, he designed them the mode and areas of their services. He also alerted them if they mistook the designed path, they ought to be ready to sustain any severe punishment bestowed upon them by God. When he found his principle work, he classified them as the people of lower social status and proclaimed them as ‘untouchables’. This act of him assisted him to prove superior and indirectly got them taught about the superiority granted by the god or religion. Having had orthodoxy beliefs transplanted in their hearts, they easily accepted his inimical predictions and got used to them.

Next, when one of his several wives had seen and interfered, he targeted females. He muted all the females in the society maltreating his own wives. He then formulated the principle ‘crowning hen (woman) obstructs man’s way and dignity’ to boycott their voices that he saw would raise in the society. He cleverly restricted them from the treatises thinking that they would turn up against his nesciences. He confined them within the kitchens and households and commanded inhumanly that their husbands were next to god and thus should be prayed daily. The wills of any male member would be the wills of his family and should be respected was what he proclaimed next. He also announced that the male as a ruler and a female would be ruled in. To disable them further, he sketched his designs to the females to adore in white at husbands’ death, to remain unmarried ever again, to be devoted in prayers and psalms etc. If not applied, they must go as a Satee. He feared that the widows would disclose his brutal happenings. He legalized the wife’s caste and clan be merged into her husband’s origin so as to suppress her from her entire life-phenomenon and regarded the wives as the bed-partners. Having experienced by herself, she accordingly commanded her in-law-daughters to adopt the same measures and thus continued.

Dusk it was yesterday
Sunshine of the eastern
Regular will be cosmic day
Set path of the western. (self)

His restless heart even challenged him greatly and started targeting the males. He being a male, he ostracized those couples who gave births to daughters only. As females were nothing to him, he gradually encouraged a second marriage, which resulted rapid growth of polygamy in the society. This rose haphazard births and to subdue the sons he kept on establishing new code of conduct. He declared a thirteen days’ crematory rite to the nearest ones under strict circumstances. He saddled on them extra burden giving false high hopes of soul, hereafter life and heaven. Man of pedantic erudition, he saw his male relatives in profit of acquiring wealth and gave his copyright to operate the rites and rituals under his directions to increase the number of his supporters. Through his men, he got his nesciences travel from one society to another and gained pedantic popularity. Further more, he encouraged a son from each so-called Brahmin family to read the Vedas and other treatises and filled them with the false ideologies. He allured them in such a way that they never thought what was religion and irreligion. Guru’s justice and interminable knowledge, they thought, would help them attain blissfulness.

When he heard everyone praise him, he constructed several set of new principles from time to time and exercised. He proved to be a supernal being in the thoughts of his subjects. To keep them ever loyal and faithful for his self-being, he introduced the system of bowing at feet and equaled guru to parents. He restricted the females from the main pray room of her biological house and disregarded the services of menstruating women as impious. So deep he had sunk that he never thought to turn on the pages of nature. He regarded the nature as his own stage and kept dramatizing against the natural tenets. His egoistic heart had no time to think that he had to go to ‘Happy Hunting Ground’. On the arrival of that day, he realized his misconducts but it was very late and away he went leaving behind his nesciences for which authentic importance is still given.

Man coats on his way own opposite is nature’s rule
Ogles around if he could for him great is his name
And tries to stage script own in his theater full
Behind lies he doesn’t see in front his selfish fame. (self)

( This write up includes my personal feelings and I don’t have any iconoclastic attitudes toward the intrinsic natural and religious doctrine-Author)


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