A moment hard to describe(updated with pictures)

Rabin Adhikari
The morning of 10th August. I was among the attendees at Nandu’s Funeral Ceremony here.The moment was emotionally sentimental which I can’t describe here. No sooner had his body been placed down flat on the floor for final rituals than every body there burst into tears.

We felt shattered to say a final goodbye to our charming friend. Every events in the funeral ceremony of our typical guy made us cry in bitterness. Any one’s heart could melt seeing late Nandu’s aggrieved spouse cry in melancholy. All her colorful dreams dissolved in nothingness.

Agrieved Kharel Family with relatives(Photo:Rabin)

Bhutanese gathered to comfort the family members(Photo:Narapati Kafle/MA)

Funeral held in Norton Funeral homes ended in cemetery drive where dead body turned into ashes leaving behind nothing but trails of memories with us.

Bhutanese gathered to comfort the family.(Photo:Rabin Adhikari)

Aggrieved family members, their relatives and a few others.(Photo:Rabin Adhikari/MA)

We pray to the Almighty for his soul to be rest safely and peacefully in heaven forever.


4 Responses

  1. The dates on these pictures printed are 05/30/08. Mr. Rabin Adhikari, Mr. Narapati Kafle of Springfield, Massachusetts, USA, and many others in these pictures and news, were not here in the United States in 2008. It appears that whoever took pictures, forgot to reset the date of the camera. Mr. Rabin Adhikari who sent this article, must make a note clarifying the correct date, so that readers all around the world do not get confused. The Editor of “Bhutanusa.com” also apparently did not check the dates printed on these pictures.
    I prey for Mr. Nandu Kishore Kharel, who lost his life at very young age of 27.
    It is encouraging that after this tragic death, hundreds of Bhutanese/Nepalese community members got together at Mr. Koirala’s home in West Springfield,Massachusetts, USA, and set up an emergegency fund by collecting donations from all community members to deal with any emergency situation that may arise in future. City, State or Federal Governments do not offer any financial assistance.
    Just a few days ago, Mr. Ashok Naar of Westfield, Massachusetts, USA lost his unborn baby girl. Bhutanese?Nepalese community members from Westfield, West Springfield, Springfield and other cities got together in a very organized manner and offered their condolences and help to Mr. Ashok Naar.
    I hope God will give Mr. Ashok Naar courage to get over his grief of losing his first baby, and hopefully Mr. Ashok Naar will be blessed by God by many beautiful and healthy children in near future.
    Shahid M. Pasha
    Westfield, Massachusetts, USA

  2. What to say?The tears will comes out from my eyes……
    I will pray to God that Plz give a Power to that child and give him the power of reincarnation,that he will born again as a child of that loving mother……

    I will request all the bhutanese people of that state to help that family a lot……
    God is there…….

  3. let his soul rest peaceful in heaven

  4. really I can’t see this photo ……………………………

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