A Note from Kharel family in Massachusetts .

We, the Kharel Family in Chelsea, Massachusetts, would like to express gratitude  to all of you who directly or indirectly helped us/helping us  at this tough time as a result of the sudden demise of our beloved Nandu Kharel due to cardiac attack on Thursday,August 06, 2009. Your warm words of consolation and sympathy has truely helped us to allay our pain of tragedy.

We , hereby, also like to take an opportunity to say a very sincere Thanks to the following individuals and the Organizations for their warm support and  charitable contributions to us.

SEWA *International, Boston Chapter.
*Greater Boston Nepali Society
*Nepali and Bhutanese Community and Individuals in Manchester and Concord.
*Nepali and Bhutanese Community and Individuals in Springfield, Lowell, Rochester and Lynn.
*Padam Kharel of New Hampshire.

* Greater Boston Nepali Church.
Above all, we would once again like to thank entire Bhutanese in all parts of the world, Nepalese, Indians and other foreigners who helped us one way or the other.


One Response

  1. i the RAKESH KAFLEY from MA. would like to thanks to all the people who helped me in this situation,to conduct the the Nandu kharel’s funeral ceronomy.I pray the god that no one sud have to face such situation. thanks

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