साहित्य शनिबार

Oh! My Mother

Chabi Dhakal

Oh! my mother,
I feel you in my fingers,
I feel you in toes.
I remember oh! My mother,
Where ever I go.

I feel you in my mind,
I feel you in my thought.
You are the god oh! My mother,
So I kept you in my heart.

I feel you when I’m sad,
I feel you when I’m glad.
I feel you too much oh! My mother,
When i will be totally mad.

I feel you in the day,
I feel you in the night.
I feel you oh! My mother,
In my every eye sight.

I feel you in hearts,
And I feel like happy so long.
I really love you oh! My mother,
So I sing this mothers song.

I feel you in my hope,
I feel you in my success.
So it’s my luck oh! My mother,
I feel u in my each and every step.

(Chhabi Dhakal, Ottawa, Canada)


8 Responses

  1. Hi Chhabi,
    Very nice touchable poem in the nice website. Beautiful website. I like people of this website. I saw me myself in the group of people in this web.

    Yes Chhabi, I also feel to our mother, super nature mother and earth mother in my mind, in heart and in hope as you. The difference is you are a poet with a imaginary vision but I am not . I love poem.

    Again very nice heart touchable poem. Keep going on. I am waiting to see your another poem. Good luck Chhabi.

    Bharat chudal

  2. Seems like ur poem is pretty good man. Go ahead n publish more….for we r always here 2 help u out………how???????Its simple……by reading.

  3. Dude!I feel glad to learn your poem and I love your allegiance.Even I am far away from my native land i prefer chauvinism.

  4. Hey my friend! i could go into the kingdom of mother affection as i went through ur poem.Ur appreciated.Go ahead man!keep it up!!

  5. from when ho being poet ha haste
    any way it is cool

  6. kaile dekhi kabi ho haa?
    by the way it is cooool .keep it up dude

  7. धेरै राम्रो ।

    • i m in Australia i.e Hobart .It is really a mind blowing one

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