Nepali PM’s India visit and Bhutanese Refugee crisis.

By N. Katel
(Beldangi refugee camp, Nepal)
Prime Minister of Nepal Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal leading a jumbo delegation comprising of 64 members has left Kathmandu today for the Indian Capital city. In fact,visiting India by a Nepali leader is not a new thing for the entire Nepalis here. Its because almost all the Nepali ministers right after assuming their office visit India,(be it GPK or Prachanda) even if they don’t have any agenda or specific reason behind.

Though some members of the delegation team,terming it as ‘strictly a goodwill visit’, have clarified that there is, as such, no any hot agenda to be discussed. However, many have speculated that Nepal, during his 5 days stay in Hindustan, is going to discuss with his Indian counterparts on some important diplomatic and national issues including the Bhutanese Refugee problem.

Nepali Premier has been expected to bring a ‘gospel’ to all the Bhutanese refugees languishing in Eastern Nepal upon his return. Listening the news of their departure from Kathmandu today in local FMs and Radios, a few older refugees here in Beldangi refugee camp under Jhapa district could be seen excited perhaps dreaming of a concrete solution PM would bring back home consulting with India. Bhutanese refugees believe that India plays a key role in resolving the their crisis.

A week ago PM Nepal himself had said that he would discuss with the Indian leaders about the Bhutanese refugee problem during his visit there. Availing of this, two of the exiled Bhutanese leaders, Tek Nath Rijal and Balaram Poudel have submitted a letter to the prime minister urging him to take necessary steps to resolve this refugee problem.These words of assurance by the head of the government of Nepal has not only motivated our leaders to visit the latter but, in real sense, it has regenerated hope in the mind of the refugees who have been desperately waiting for the day when they would be safely taken back to their motherland, Bhutan. Presently, its seen here in the camps that the part of the refugees population that is unwilling to be resettled in some third countries and have been striving for repatriation, seem hopeful and positive towards this recent development.

Several rounds of ministerial level talks between Nepal and Bhutan aimed at resolving the Bhutanese refugee problem failed in the past. Many Nepali,Indian and Bhutanese leaders made such official visits to address this problem and find out the solution.Yet,their efforts were of no avail. The problem is all the same. Neither Bhutan agreed to take back its citizens nor did India allow the Bhutanese refugees way to enter Bhutan peacefully. After a long silence once again Nepal Government is trying to discuss with India about the refugee problem. We all hope that this effort of the Second prime minister of the Republic Nepal find a fruitful and decisive end to this long time unresolved crisis.

(Mr. Katel writes for from the Beldangi refugee camp in Nepal)


3 Responses

  1. I think it is routine visit to India after they become Priminister.So i dont think good result will in favour of exiled Bhutanese.

  2. We the Bhutaness community of Tasminia wants to give thx to the Prime minister Madhab kumar nepal,….. bhutaness issue in India

  3. Dharai Ramro chha

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