BASCO-CHELI’s Teej- an eventful celebration!

BASCO-CHELI, an integral part of the California-based association, BASCO (Bhutanese Community Support Organization in America), hosted a grand Teej Celebration program yesterday for the Butanese women resettled here in SanFransisco Bay area. The program was held at Buena Vista United Methodist Church, 2311 Buena Vista Avenue,Alameda, CA 94501.
As has been scheduled to take place on the 22nd instant, Saturday ,the program saw a great number of Bhutanese girls and women as participants among others. As many as sseventy Bhutanese women in colorful traditional attires attended the program and were dancing with the traditional Teej songs in festivity. Accompanying them were some Nepalis and foreign women.

The co-ordinator of the BASCO-CHELI, Mrs Pampha Giri, briefed and highlighted on the importance of Teej, mythological history behind its celebration, etc before the actual program began at around 3:30 local time.”We are going to keep this trend of celebrating every year help preserve our tradition and culture”, said Pampha Giri, addressing the mass gathering at Buena Vista Methodist Church which became a good venue for the entire program to be a larger, fuller and more crowded than could reasonably have been anticipated. Stressing on the importance of its celebration in a land miles away from their country of origin, Giri further said, “We are hopeful it is going to be a meaningful event with lots of fun and entertainment”. Our girls and women were seen with their lifted spirit to maintain the cultural trend that has been handed down by their ancestors through generations.

 'Sel roti' and varieties of dainty Cuisine were prepared as 'Dar'

'Sel roti' and varieties of dainty Cuisine were prepared as 'Dar'

According to one of the BASCO Founder members, Mr. Rajan Giri, BASCO-CHELI will be organizing such programs every year to promote and preserve our culture and festival that are on the verge of their extinction.

Referred to as Rishi Panchami from the religious standpoint, Teej recurs every year in the moon-lit fortnight of the Nepali month- Bhadra (August/September). Culturally, married women find time off their hectic house-hold tasks to visit their parents home where they enjoy the first night of Teej with delicious Nepali cuisine called ‘Dar’ The day that follows, they go fasting throughout the day with out food, fruits and even water by some. Teej ends every year with women and girls gathering for a holy bath and for a worship with the wish of longevity for their existing life partners by already married and for a better life partners by those yet to get in nuptial ties.

Teej ko rahar aayo bari lai...!!.Bhutanese women swaying with the Traditional Teej songs

Teej ko rahar aayo bari lai...!!.Bhutanese women swaying with the Traditional Teej songs

This is the first Teej celebration by the Bhutanese Women after they began a new life in this part of USA. Every resettled Bhutanese should be committed like these women to protect, preserve and maintain their culture and traditional value irrespective of the geography they dwell up on.


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