BCP(MLM) publishes press release- doesn’t seem to bring any such effect.

Nirdosh (S).K.
(Bhutanese Refugee camp, Nepal)
The exile-born Bhutan Communist Party (MLM), an under ground outfit that believes in resolving the Bhutanese refugee crisis through armed revolution in Bhutan,has issued a press release today and warned the camp Secretaries of all Bhutanese refugee camps not to make visit to the ‘core group nations’ supporting the resettlement program. The press release came forth as a reaction to submission of the  applications by the camp Secys to the UNHCR and IOM offices requesting them to make an arrangement for their visit to the resettlement ‘core group nations (USA,Canada,Australia, Denmark,Norway and Newzealand) to know the situation of the refugees after resettlement in these nations.

Signed by ‘ Sandesh’, the fifth division district secretary of the Exile co-ordinator Committee of the outfit, the copies of the press release were dropped in different places of the refugee camps. The release vehemently tagged the resettlement program as a plot to foil the efforts of the repatriation process. It further says, ‘ the camp secys have no rights and mandate to talk and support the resettlement process and that their plan to visit these nations seems vague and disastrous in itself’. BCP has said that this recent development is the conspiracy spun by  the refugee leader, Mr. Ratan Gajmer(resettled in Australia months ago) who visited Nepal in the beginning of August to attend a special program in Kathmandu.

‘If the camp secys hesitate to give clarification of their steps to the general refugees in the camps, they would be responsible for any situation developed thereby’, BCP has warned them through this press release. It further suggested the them not to commit such mistake in future.

Formed in the year 2001, BCP(MLM) is often seen disturbing the peace and harmony in the camps rather than struggling for their goal. Though almost 80% of the refugees are in favor of the resettlement program and so don’t actually support this party, yet, it blindly believes that a larger part of the refugees are on its behalf. Literally, the number of their  cadres have been reduced to a handful in the present situation. Indeed, this and a few other exiled formed outfits have lost their creditability after they attacked and killed few refugees including Shantiram Nepal from Beldangi refugee camp in April this year.


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  1. Bhutanese refugees in the US should not provide aid to groups like the BCP who are involved in attacks on the Bhutanese Government. The US Government will consider such supporters of aiding an terrorist organization, and they could face criminal charges and/or deportation back to Nepal.

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