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The Writer,Yadu Raj Baral (Michigan, USA)

The Writer,Yadu Raj Baral (Michigan, USA)

Yadu Raj Baral
(Michigan, USA)
If you have planned to visit east, especially Jhapa and Morang of Nepal ,do arrange an extra day. Jhapa and Morang from the historical times have been an absolute instance in terms of politics, social promotion, trade, touristy spots and religious harmony. The hilly people and the foreign Nepalis still say ‘Moraang’ for Nepal, which is now only a district. Inhabited by the people of multi-castes and languages, Jhapa and Morang from puerile time have been the independent districts, which helped raise national identity. Any foreign Nepali desiring to migrate to Nepal prefer Jhapa and Morang to other districts due to various reasons and of course the people here are benevolent. Thus, these eastern region districts being remarkable places of Nepal, there is now something else that makes your visit superb.

Each new day in these clustered hovels begins with a regular duty. The jingle of bells and mild morning prayers commence together with the Radio Nepal. Purified by the cool morning bath, the females queue up to fetch stale water clanking and squabbling with the each other. The males, oldies and young yell uproariously for morning tea and breakfast. The energetic ones ringing the cycle bells depart for the work if they have a good day. The toothless ones clogging teats or smokes in lips brawl at everyone and gradually get heated till the cosmic sun laughs. The sweating females upto ten place themselves before the ovens waiting for her departed members for food.

After food hour, the real day begins. The students as plenty as flying-ants emerge from their hovels tramping and dashing through the narrow streets into their schools. The teachers pinning the swollen mouths follow behind them. The small kids of the morning hours mess the entire environment and forget their hovels if they are not searched for. During the hot months, they mysteriously get disappeared and will be recovered later on embracing the silent rivers nearby. The troubled ones in any mismanaged affairs help a tree to be laden further.

The remaining some rejoices themselves with the ‘fifty-two mirrors’ or pack up the film halls in the proximity. Some tunes various FM Stations and get patched up to their programmes. Some after a few days’ interval queue up to fetch what has been grown to them by the careless God as their periodic edibles. Some insults while other supports on how embellished one comes out from the hovels. Some who have no linkages to any time pass churn tactful sport in and pour out sundry lectures on old treatises. Some talks of health recovery while other busy themselves in the child delivery. A group of some in the farthest corner will be plotting a plan of insincerity and some in a broad daylight will be sleeping the sleeps of rarity.

The place is also fit for beggars and Jogis. If they enter from a corner hovel, richer than hovel dwellers they come out from one of the various outlets. The thieves hooking midnight bait keep aiming during day. And, if you see someone being debussed from amid journey, think he or she is meekly deprived. Besides the fleeing sun and the moon, no one has yet seen Indra’s flare swooping down onto them. Even Mahadeva opens His third eye while the heated flare is being dropped. You will also hear some talking about Indra’s and Mahadeva’s grand war. Indra wills to offer alms to poor Mahadeva and Mahadeva accepts the alms one after another. The prescient Brahma from time to time alerts both.

The closure of the day is even fantastic. The morning cyclists along the students return to their hovels. They have dinner when the sun is overhead and dusky chores begin. The hovels’ streets seem very sportive especially by the teen-agers. Breaking, repairing and enhancing of love takes place. Some girls’ parents will see their beds empty next morning

and boys’ parents see their sons doubled. Growling and howling of diseased spring through out the night together with the FM Stations. Somewhere you will hear the soliloquy and somnambulists you will see somewhere wrapped up in the sacks.

Don’t spare money for food and shelter, as there are no pubs and inns. Just you be the son or the daughter to any one of the countless hovels and you will be treated with a cordial hospitality. But don’t try to conceal your real identity. If done, think that you will return home with an asunder skeleton. There is this unity there. Although, they seem carefree as that of Pandora’s time, they have their own sad story to tell. Don’t you like to hear once? Why not then arrange a visit once?

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