Resettled Bhutanese in Las Vegas worried

A resettled Bhutanese family in Vegas.

Resettled Bhutanese in Las Vegas, the most populous city in the US Silver state of Nevada, are facing tough time, reports our friend and a resettled Bhutanese, Lachhu Man Poudel from there.

With the Vegas jobless rate soaring up, these newly settled Bhutanese are seeing apparently no way to get a job at least for their existence. Nearly 180 Bhutanese refugees are presently resettled there through the Third Country Resettlement Program, out of which roughly 15% are employed. A majority of the employed are part timers in hotels and casinos in the graveyard shifts. Working at night in casinos with no previous experience is not only difficult but perilous and unsafe too especially in a city that experiences high degree crimes daily. Las Vegas being internationally renowned for gambling, shopping and entertainment is among the most expensive cities of the Untied States. So,their hard earned money on the other hand, is not even enough for paying their apartment rent.

‘We wander around this burning city whole day looking for some kind of job, but with out proper knowledge of where to go or applying, how to build a strong resume,its been hard for us get a job’, lachhu shares his pangs with us through email. . Local resettlement agencies don’t seem to be actively working for finding them jobs.

Seeing no doors of opportunities open for them, two of the resettled Bhutanese families from Las Vegas have already moved to the far eastern coastal state of Pennsylvania a few weeks ago and two more are shortly leaving this ‘gambling city’ for Atlanta while others are hanging between the horns of dilemma.


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