BCU’s formal meeting discussed Dasain program.

(Bhutanusa.com) Salt Lake City,UT, Aug.30. Bhutanese Community in Utah(BCU), a legally registered non-profit organization of the resettled Bhutanese in Utah state of USA, held a community meeting in the Liberty Park of Salt Lake City, Utah today. The 3 hour meeting was attended by around 80 individuals representing 75 Bhutanese families in the city. Addressing the community, Ghana Shyam Dulal, the president of the ‘Bhutanese Community in Utah’ put forward the agendas of the meeting. After a long discussion and gathering the individual opinion of the attendees,  the meeting,chaired by Mr. Dhanapati Bhattarai, ended with the following conclusions on the respective agendas:

Venue, Date, and Time of the Dasain program: After a long discussion, the community decided that the venue of the ‘Bada Dasain’(the Greatest festival of Hindu) program will be the Grand Hall of Horizonte Centre, located at 1300 south and Main Street of the Salt Lake City, Utah. The meeting also came to the conclusion that the program will be held on 27th of September, Monday (Maha Nawami), so that the individual family can put ‘Tika’ and receive blessings from the elderly in their own residence the  following day,Dasami  whic falls on28th of September.

As decided,  the Bada Dasain program begins  at 10 a.m. with the reciting of Chandi, the Hindu holy book.

Program Description: Today’s  meeting also reached a final conclusion that the recitation of the ‘Chandi” will  be followed by ‘Aarati’(singing of religious hyms), which will be performed exactly at noon. After ‘Aarati’ the community will then sit together for the lunch which will be ordered for the attendees and the guests invited from different agencies, individual family mentors and from the state government offices. For the lunch program, the meeting decided to collect  $5 from the individuals aged five and above.

Case manager of the ‘Asian Association Mr. Jaga Adhikari, case manager of International Rescue Committee Mr. Ghana Shyam Dulal, and case manager of Catholic Community Services Mr. Keshav Adhikari decided to pay for their  clients(community members) who are unable to contribute $5 individually. The responsibility of collecting the amount was given to Mr. D. P. Baral.

A cultural program will be performed soon after the completion of the lunch. The concept of the cultural program was put forward by Mr. Indra Phuyel and Mr. Hari Koirala, which was welcomed with a loud applause and eventually passed unanimously by the community people attending the meeting. The program will be put forward as an open competition where individual performance will be judged on three different criteria; dancing, singing, and presenting drama. The community memebrs are also motivated to present sangini, balan, crack jokes and jest and exhibit their individual talents. The best performance in individual criteria will be awarded from the organizing committee. The meeting also elected the nine members organizing committee, seven members advisory committee, and seven members puja performance committee.
The meeting was then ended with the inspiring words from the chairperson, whose main suggestion to all who attended meeting was to work hard with individual effort to preserve the culture and tradition so that these things can be passed the upcoming generations.


2 Responses

  1. Good job Utahian bhutanese. Keep it up. you guys have shown a good example.

  2. Congrats friends in UTAH.

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