New Zealand govt. to terminate fund for English classes to the immigrants.

After the government announced its plan to cut the fund worth of two million dollars that helped refugees and migrants learn English and settle in New zealand, the resettled Bhutanese in Palmerston located in the North Island of New Zealand, have appealed the government not to discontinue it, according to Manawatu Standard, a national daily of New zealand. This decision of the government will adversely affect the newly resettled refugees who will have trouble in adapting to the new atmosphere of the New Zealand.

“If the Government stops this, it seems as if it is a great problem for the refugees who come into the country.” the newspaper quoted Mr Bal Ghimire, secretary of the Palmerston North Bhutanese Community as saying.

Mr. Ghimire further says,”When refugees arrive, they have no money. They can get a student loan, but without even knowing what they want to study this is pointless”.

A total of 126 Bhutanese refugees have been resettled in New Zealand as a part of the refugee resettlement program and some 60 more are expected to join them by the end of this year. A majority of the resettled Bhutanese are either illiterate or can’t speak and understand English so such English language classes are must for them in order to adapt themselves to the New Zealand society. Even the educated refugees who can at least speak/understand English well will have to strive and struggle for getting job and pursuing the higher education if this fund is terminated.


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  1. Very bad news……………..

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