न्यूहेम्साइरमा पनि दशैं मनाइयो

सपन पाठक
‘देश कहाँ छ,माटो कहाँ छ, छ त एउटा मन छ, त्यही पनि सातसमुन्द्र पारी छ..’ यस्तै यस्तै अनि अरु धेरै मनभरी ब्यथा र भाब बोकर अमेरिकाको न्यूहेम्साइरका भूटानीहरुले महान चाड बिजय दशमी मनाएका छन। यस राज्यका जम्मा जम्मी तेह्र ठूला सहर मध्ये तिन सहरहरु, म्यानचेस्टर, कन्कर्ड र लकोनियामा करीब ८०० सयको संख्याका भूटानी शरणार्थीहरुलाइ पुनस्थापना गरिएको छ। आफ्नो देश भन्दा धेरै टाडा भएता पनि यी नेपाली मुलका भूटानी नागरिकहरुले आफ्नो रीती रिवाज, धर्म, संस्कृति बिर्सेका रहेनछन भन्ने सत्यता गत आश्विन १० गतेको दशैं कार्यक्रमले प्रष्ट पारेको छ। Continue reading


Dashain-homecoming festival.

Nar Bahadur's Family(Photo:Kuensel)

It’s the time of Dashain and so a time for Lhotsampa communities to get together.In this festival to commemorate the victory of good over evil, family members, wherever they are, make it a point to come home to apply tika, made of uncooked rice and curd, on the forehead and receive blessings for a good and long life from their elders. Continue reading

Norwegian Bhutanese celebrated Dashain

Resettled Bhutanese in Norway celebrated Dashain at a multicultural hall of Tysvær Kommune under  Rogland district today. According to our friend Tilak Dhital,around 60 Bhutanese relocated in four different Kommunes(Karmøy, Vindafjord,Tysvær and Haugesund) observed this festival with various programs.Other invitees included Officials from different organizations, reporters and some Norwegian citizens as guests.The program started normally  at 12 noon but  enmeshed its formal way at around 4 pm. Continue reading


Bhutanusa.com is profoundly elated in its festive mood to extend positive wishes of DASHAIN to all Bhutanese dispersed around the globe as a result of an uncontrolled force brought about in their lives by time, that they be united spiritually in the tender accent of love for each other.
May Goddess bless all Bhutanese, our readers, subscribers, contributers and well-wishers to achieve what they have been longing for years.


Utahian Bhutanese celebrated Dashain

27 September. Bhutanese Community in Utah celebrated Dashain, the greatest festival of the Hindus today at Horizonte Welcome Center  located at 1234 S Main Street Salt Lake City,Utah.The program started at 8:30 in the morning with the recitetion of Chandi by the pandits, Dhanapati Bhattarai,Hari Prasad Adhikari and Thala Mishra.The recitation went till 12:15 and was concluded with melodious Aarity from all the individuals of the community. After the Aarity, all individuals including the guests received Tika, Prasad of Goddess Durga and then had lunch. Continue reading

Bhutanese in Massachusetts celebrate Dashain festival.

The resettled Bhutanese Families in the cities of Westfield, West Springfield and Springfield in the State of Massachusetts have organized a get together program on 27th September,2009 (Maha Nawami) to mark the great Hindu festival of Dashain. The program was organized to give opportunity to all the resettled families in and around the cities to meet their relatives and friends and exchange their words of best wishes for a wonderful Dashain. Continue reading

दशै/तिहार- मेरा अभिशापहरु(पूर्ब प्रकाशित)

मेरो दशै, मेरो तिहार
किन यही गरीब बलेसिमा
हात पसारिरहेछन फेरी पनि।
पोहोर साल पनि त
उल्लास लिएर आ’थियौ रे
आशिस दिने भनथ्येउ रे
म त दिनभरीको नाम्लोको डोब छामेर
पिठ्युभरि थुन्सेको ‘प्रित’ चुमेर
चिसो छिडिमा निदाउने आँट गर्दै थिंये। Continue reading