BASCO to arrange an informational meeting.

(, Oakland,CA.Keeping in view the security situation of the resettled Bhutanese here in Oakland,the California based Bhutanese non-profit organization, BASCO is working harder to arrange a meeting of the Community people with the Oakland Police officers, according to the email sent by the BASCO chairman, Mr. Dick Pokwal. Earlier in May this Organization had requested the Police Department of the city to give some precautionary tips, ideas and safety practices talking directly to the Bhutanese community people who have been the victims of attacks, harassment and other crimes. click here to see the letter

Responding their appeal, ,the department has contacted the organization recently and asked the latter to arrange a meeting hall and fix the date and time for the same.”BASCO will shoulder the responsibility for these all and together we shall work”,the chairman has said in the mail.

This newly formed organisation of the Bhutanese has also informed the community members about the Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council Meeting which takes place every month in community centers across the city in the presence of the police officers patrolling the neighborhoods. As per the information given by Nate Dunstan,case manager of the International Rescue Community(IRC) via email, the soonest upcoming meeting will be held at two different venues inside Oakland: one at Bella Vista School Auditorium, 1025 E 28th St at 7PM and the other at Salvation Army Office, 2794 Garden St at 6:45 PM on September 9(Thursday).

Through mail the chairman has encouraged all the Bhutanese in Oakland and its suburb areas to show up at the Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council Meeting meeting if possible.


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