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Dear visitors,
We are going to upgrade this blog into hosted site(news and information portal) with in the next couple weeks time. BU.com has altogether 16 core group members as BU representatives (plus the editorial group)and 51 site members in different states of the US and outside. But we need some more members to work on full fledged. So,any interested candidates willing to work as a BU representatives/reporters from their city/state of residence are highly welcome. Individuals meeting the following criteria are encouraged to send us the interest message including your contact information, full postal address, cell phone number, name of the city/state he/she lives with their pp size photograph attached at info@bhutanusa.com.
Individuals who wish to explore themselves through this platform are also encouraged to fill up the site membership form and send their literary writings to us for publishing(opened to all).

Since we only work with the information and news related to Bhutan and the Bhutanese communities,this opportunity is only for the Bhutanese refugees living in the refugee camps in Nepal or resettled in any third countries. (However, non-Bhutanese can also submit news about Bhutan and Bhutanese refugees)

The applicant must be above 18 years old(since the minors don’t have time to collect news or information happening in the city/state) old so as to be a part of this non-commercial site.

He/she should have either passed or appeared the grade 12 examination in Nepal.

He/she should be able to work without pay, since this is a voluntary job, neither we are paid nor we do.

He/she should be able to impart time to collect news in case any major incident develops in the city he/she resides and report to Bhutanusa.com over telephone or through email.

There is no fee in both types of memberships

Bhutanusa.com Family


3 Responses

  1. its sounds good.all have to do some things for their community.i 2 also interested in this.plz send me email in above id.im living in usa.

  2. nepali gaurav lai maya garau nepali vrastachar lai hoina, aafno desh yaa aama lai puja garau nepali manobhav lai hoina.

  3. i’m interested but, i did not have gread 12 certificate,wat can i do ha, can u plz send me mail in this address p_safaltakolife@yahoo.com.thx u

    Puspa dabadi
    Hobart Tasmania Australia

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