Catholic Family Center hosts picnic for the Rochester Bhutanese.

By Chandra Phuyel
(New York, Rochester)
A huge crowd of the resettled Bhutanese in New York State attended Picnic program here in Rochester city at Beach Park, near lake Ontario on Saturday, the 5th September.The program was organized by Catholic Family Center( CFC) ,a resettlement agency, with the support from Bhutanese community of Rochester. Nearly 300 people attended the picnic including the invitees from various organizations.The members of the organizing committee representing Bhutanese here were Ranga Khatiwoda , Khagendra Phuyel , Binod Rai , Padam Ghimirey, Menuka Baral and from CFC were Jennifer and Debbie. Sudha and sakun represented the local Nepali community.

Dahi,Khir ,Dhakane (rice pudding),sell roti,Chatpate,chicken roast were served at the party which were prepared and collected from community members. CFC arranged the bus pass for those New families to reach the venue. Elderly people were given ride by staffs from CFC and some volunteers.

Cultural Programme was also performed at the picnic program which included traditional dances,Folk songs and so on. The staff and the public were seen dancing and making fun at the program. Darsana Tuladhar, a volunteer at the Catholic Family Centre had turned the whole mass nostalgic with the melancholic songs played in  Sarangi, a traditional Nepali musical instrument.A few resettled Bhutanese youths also exhibited their hidden talents presenting some Nepali songs and dances.
Emceed by Binod Rai, a resettled Bhutanese, the program didn’t only showcase the Nepali cuisine but also conveyed message that the resettled Bhutanese haven’t forgotten their culture and tradition.

At the end, Jennifer, addressing the mass, said that she was happy to have gotten such an opportunity of being together with those new Bhutanese immigrants at the picnic. She said ‘Dhanyabad'(Thank you in Nepali) to all those who attended the picnic. Ranga Khatiwoda and Padam Ghimire, the members of the Bhutanese community said that they hoped to have such program in the future and expected continued support from CFC.


(Mr. Phuyel is the core Group member of the


2 Responses

  1. it is great pleasure to read that we get chance to celepicni and festival in usa. this gave me a hope to preserve our parent here in nepal are scared about this when i show this to my parent they are greatful. thanks hope you will let us know more about different country.
    sagun beldangi

    • it is really great job of bhutanese refugees in Rochester even 1st year. thanks for all the rochester’s family. iam interested to see the photos of different activities being done in the Picnic.

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