K.B Kharka, a Bhutanese refugee, stabbed and killed in Beldangi.

A Bhutanese refugee living in Beldangi II extension camp was stabbed and subsequently killed today at around 6 Pm local time in Bangay Bajar(a small market outside the refugee camp), according to our Beldangi 2 correspondent P. Sampang. K.B. Kharka, a renowned refugee lawyer and ex-camp secretary of Beldangi-2 camp(Extension) was stabbed by an unidentified man while he was on the way back home from Damak on his motorcycle.

Talking to Bhutanusa.com over telephone, Mr. Sampang said that the deceased was with Damber Karki, another refugee when they were stopped by an unidentified man at Gurung Danda close to Beldangi 2 refugee camp and thus incident unfolded. Mr. Kharka died on the spot. The murderer  is still at large.

Late Karna Bahadur Kharka, a 48 years old refugee social worker and leader has four children and had been living in Beldangi 2 extension since the early 1990s shortly after the revolution broke out in southern Bhutan that eventually led the eviction of hundreds of thousands of Southern Settlers of Bhutan from their motherland. Back in the camp, he had served the refugee community as a camp secretary for a long time.

Presently, his body has been taken by the Armed Police Force.No organization or  individual has owned up the responsibility as yet.


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  1. i experss my deep condolence at the unexpected demise of mr k.b khadkra
    was killed by raudish while he was retering from damak he was very good every people in camp so i miss him very much and may god bless him to rest in pice in heavenand to his bereved family

    majhibirkha nederland

  2. We all are als0 in deep socked,desperate,n0 wards to express………………
    about the death of our daju k.b kharka..
    But sapan n heart break just mine ur language ed…

  3. since, Chirang we know each other and he was very good to me and my family. Kharka Bai was really good to everyone. He worked in survey Dept. and lateron we met in Bel.2 again and we were happy as a family. i am very shocked to know about it,may god help to overcome the sorrowful situation and also to traceout the culprit. Lucky, Newzealand.

    • mr.khadka was the selfless social worker.I really missed him .

      • I am from us florida my name is ravi miss nepali bhutaness people very must

  4. My heart was broken when I heard this very bad news who ever may be the culprit must be punished and hope the Govt. of Nepal takes a goog step on this case with out any late.Although we r very far from the place of incident I would like to express my hearty condolence to the family of Khadka hope his soul reach to the place of god n his contribution and love remains evergreen in the heart of every Bhutanese people

  5. KB and me studied same school at Lalai P and Gaylegphug Jr. High and from that time to till i remain in camp he was on touch with me. He always call me Hey Bishnu raising his right hand up with smile. I think he do same for all. Who is that cowward burns eyes and killed inchenge of working hard have to catch by Govt. and punish himseverally. I along with all CO friends are in great shock by his death news.

  6. Its really a grief striken event!! K.B Kharka was a nice and friendly man.I think, if this resettlement process is delayed like this, in the future many people like K.B would die.So,i request the relatated agencies and the government of Nepal to think about it.

  7. the heart breaking news of the murder of mr.K.B khadaka shocked me.The camp situation seems going savage on and on so it is the time to think by the camp residence if the situation of the camps looks secure in the days to come to live in there.

  8. its really the painful thing to know that famouas social worker mr kb khadka was killed by some blood lovers .its a bad to know that why people kill always the great doers of society?what u get by killing some one?
    ……..iwanna say that the rules n regulation of the country is going bad.n wanna say do punish the doers immidetly

  9. its really painful to know that welknown social worker mr kb khadka had been killed by some unknown blood lover . by listening the news all people in providence city of rodhe island state of usa r sad for the deed of the doers.i wanna say to the doers that fight for the welfare of community nt for the personel .n wanna pray for the almighty god to give a strength to bear the suffering.

  10. Who ever the doer is he is coward and such inhuman
    act can never lead Bhutanese movement to desired destination. Be it any so called revolusionary army or any drugish group in the camp forget killing the victims of common cause and gather your strength to fight for establishing true freedom back in Bhutan.
    I know nothing in person about Khadka but knew was a social worker. I hope Nepal Govt. will soon bring the doer to the book and give them the needful punishment. A man named Santiram too was killed some months ago in the similar manner may be same group is behind this. Let us hear at the earliest doer is arrested.

  11. I dont think its good thing to kill a social worker who is always in favour of refugees.IT doesnt make any sense to bhutanese people living in exile killing a social volunteer.

  12. its really painful. why people do these everytime? but why? if they cant do anything , they should just stop killing innocent people who is working hard for their own, he has moterbike coz he worked hard and earned by himself. bhutan commuist party are the worst , neither they can do anything by themself nor they can leave innocent people in peace. they are true killer, blood sucker. what they get when they kill people.
    whoever is the killer, you can never live in peace , one day or the other god will punish you rascal. god is there.

  13. It’s just ridiculos…..i have one question to Bhutan communist party. If you guys are fighting for land and identity then to whom you guys are fighting, if you are continuing killing one by one?

    It doesn’t make any sense to me……Bhutan communist party is not in the favour of Bhutanese Refugee, they are the killer and blood lover, definetly they are terroirist…..just go to the hell.

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