GoBYO Formed in Oregon.

Resettled Bhutanese youths in Oregon have recently formed a new social organization to help the vulnerable Bhutanese in this region and to maintain and promote Bhutanese culture and tradition.  According to the information furnished  by one of its executive members, Mr. Som Nath Subedi from Portland,formation of the ‘Group of  Bhutanese Youths in Oregon’ (Go-BY-O) has officially been declared a few days ago with its primary objectives to work for the  preservation of culture, language  and identity; and to help early integration of the Bhutanese Communities in this far western US state. Mr. Subedi, who is also the core group member of the bhutanusa.com reports that this newly established non-profit organization also aims at helping the Bhutanese relocate themselves in the region  defending every-day hurdles, hardships and hinderances on their way to  a better, safe and a healthy living. As per their Mission Statement it is learnt that they have formed a nine member Ad Hoc committee that has been assigned the responsibilities of preparation of By-laws and constitution to be presented in the next general meeting of the members.

Group of Bhutanse Youth in Oregon- members

Members of the Group of Bhutanese Youths in Oregon

Mission Statement

Group of Bhutanese Youths in Oregon (Go-BY-O)

Since the beginning of  the first quarter of  the year 2008,  resettlement of Bhutanese refugees took place  in Oregon, the north-western most state of the United States.  Soon after they arrived in the state, they started facing unexpected cultural shocks that delayed their understanding and assimilation with local society in what is called the new land of  hope and opportunities. They have also been confused with local culture and tradition that  lead some to think  whether it is going to be a threat to their own culture if they fail to integrate with the American culture and system of  life  . They had a traumatic situation back in refugee camps under the make- shift huts for 18 years questioning on their own future lies compared to inferior standard of human society they have gone through in the camps. By virtue of humanitarian operation, now a portion of them have also been relocated  in otherwise known as  The Beaver State for a better future with a new lease for life . Their lack of English language proficiency has become a big barrier for adjustment in local marketing atmosphere as an immediate need for success. Newly arrived groups need sufficient training to get familiar with new ways of cooking by using unfamiliar equipments, getting to know local transportation system, knowing the way to find good job, and getting right counseling for available benefits etc. These pre-requisites for initial living  may become  new challenges of  life in America for these people . This may further breed frustration among the people  for they had been kept aloof from living  lives within the periphery of twenty-first century  dynamic and complicating lifestyles for years. Keeping all these difficulties and challenges in mind and in order to prevent these inevitable epidemics which otherwise will creep into the lives of our people, we the under signed individuals have agreed to form an organization of youth group with a strong commitment to cope among  its members to bring the best to the Bhutanese here in Oregon. We are confident that we will stand united to help Bhutanese in any difficulties that may come up while settling in this otherwise referred to as the land of opportunities.

The group will seek potential opportunities to achieve the goals through mutual co-operation and understanding among each other. GoBYO has taken seriously the dire need to  provide necessary orientation and training as well as teaching to learn how to survive and create a comfortable environment for all refugees who come to settle in Portland, Oregon.  The Group will  work to make possible arrangements for  all these activities.  It is hereby declared that we as the BHUTANESE REFUGEES  living in Portland, Oregon  agreed to form an organization on the 22nd  day of August , 2009, Saturday and named as GROUP of BHUTANESE YOUTHS  in  OREGON  (GoBYO).  The constitution and bylaws of the organization will be prepared by the ad hoc committee consisting of following individuals and will be presented in the next general meeting.

Deepak Koirala

Shiva Nepal

Bhim Tiwari

Prakash Gajmer

Som Subedi

Yamuna Tiwari

Tek Poudel

Sudarshan Rizal

Chitra Chuwan

In this effort of ours to go ahead with good cause, we welcome suggestions and directions from all who are  seriously concerned about the resettled Bhutanese .


16 Responses

  1. hi ,thanks to have such organazation in usa and necessary too inorder to unit all youths in one hand to hit the target , but challenges come but never scrare once again congratulation to u all .

  2. You youths are doing great jobs. keep it up.Stop blaming but start doing the way Oregon Youths have started.Preserve our identity and great -distinct culture. More important now -Help the helpless Bhutanese Community adjust in their home of opportunity. It a paradigam to grow and find way to voice the world of our genuine motive.Bravo example to the other Bhutanese Communities in the world . Wish you all the best.

  3. Dear Friends,
    So pleased to hear about the initiative by the youth to do something tangible and purposeful in Oregon. While you devote and strive to serve the Bhutanese community in your state, do include in your constitution a provision to extend perpetual and pragmatic support to Bhutanese citizens, both within and outside Bhutan, to defend human rights and to establish and enjoy genuine democracy and peace in Bhutan.

    Warmest regards,


  4. Good job ! guys. BRAVO!!!!
    I am sure that such organization can obviously integrate the disintegrated fragments of the Bhutanese identity in different parts of the globe. Once more”CONGRATULATION”.

  5. It is a new rise of hope n support in oregon state.Thanx for all youths out there.ur appreciated.

  6. Thanks everyone! Its a perfect Organization representing all the youths. sounds great !
    Be an example to every refugees by performing good and great jobs. let this group shine like a moon in the sky of helpless bhutanese regugees. WISH YOU GUYS BEST OF LUCK.

  7. Splindid job. Congraz Oregaon guys. Such endeavor really helps in preserving and promoting our distinctly rich and varied culture and tradition deeply shrouded in our society and also helps the Bhutanese diaspora remain intact.
    Best of Luck.
    DJ Khaling
    Bhutanese Community of Georgia(BCG)
    Sagal Radio Bhutani Aawaj,
    Atlanta, Georgia

  8. Hi Oregonian Guys.u r doing perfect.we will also think the same organization in our state.let us know how u work with the refugees.but this the best way to connect people in the local area where refugees are resettled

  9. this is the perfect debut Organization in US after resettlement of bhutanese refuge.lets help this organization from all the way as we can.we have a motivation around the wolrd to have Organization who works for the identity,Culture and early integration.GREAT job GoBYO.best of luck

  10. thanks everyone for forming organization and helping poor, needy and helpless people.

    • thanks man.tell your friend to read it and comment it

  11. hmm… i like its good job oregon youth organization

  12. sounds great,thx GUYS!!!!! best of luck… keep it up….

  13. sounds great to have formed organisation by youths. Best of luck to you all. Forming organisation is just simple, im sure this youth’s organization would work for the social upliftment too

  14. Good luck Oregonian guys!! good job! good beginning. You guys have set yourselves as example to thousands of Bhutanese here.

  15. Its a perfect Organization representing all the youths as a helping hand for new refugee arrivals in the land of opportunity.

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