Pamphlets found in refugee camps, leaders warned.

A very new under ground group that calls itself as ‘Bhutan Leopard’ has threatened a few senior refugees of physical attack today, reports Bhutannewsservice. Trying to know more about it, we contacted our friend there who confirmed that pamphlets carrying the message of warning to eight Butanese refugees living in different camps in Jhapa and Morang districts have been found this morning in different places inside the Beldangi refugee camps in eastern Nepal.
The group, the name of which has been heard for the first time, has blamed these refugee bigwigs of deluding the whole exiled community involving themselves in the repatriation process in the beginning and later supporting the resettlement program.Those targeted include Subash Acharya, D.R. Katel, Bhakta Ghimirey, T.B.Thapa, Pratap Subba, Narad Sanyasi, I.B.Khadka and Gopal Gurung.

The pamphlet signed by so-called Regional Coordinator,’Chhepyastra(Meaning:Missile) has warned these refugees to leave refugee camps as soon as possible or face dire consequence.

Following the distribution of such pamphlets by an alien group, the refugees, who witnessed brutal killing of former camp secretary of Beldangi-2(Extension) camp, K.B.Khadka, a week ago just a few hundred meters away from where the pamphlets were dropped today, are worried and terrorized. Camp Authority has not yet spoken officially on this issue(till the time this report was prepared) neither has the security force deployed in the camp made any comment.
(Information courtesy: BNS and our Beldangi correspondent, Shaman Kshetri)


13 Responses

  1. I am late though but confident to leave a comment on the slaying of great Bhutanese social worker Lt Mr.KB kharka that all this kinds of activities are led by the great bhutanese human right porfolios with the mask of human rights, let me not leave a name but is crystall clear that when 100 thousand were evicted and only half of one bed partners are inside bhutan pretty safe and upgradation every year in their job.These people can do more of these kinds of activities if they are not identified soon and punished.
    Laslty, my heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and pray the almighty to give a space to the departed soul of Mr.kharka in heaven.

  2. I do not know if my comment will make any difference but I think all important issues can be solved by discussion. Brutal killing of the exiled refugees is sponsored by the Bhutanese Govt. Only few of the leaders who are still threat to the Bhutanese Govt. have been threatened. We can very well understand the motive behind all this outrage in the camp. The policy is ‘na rahega bans na bajegi bansuri’. Bhutan Govt’s dogs are doing all this.

  3. please animal’s party dont threat the social worker.those who drave our movement in wrong way they are here in usa.they are in the way of changing their appearance. so if u can threat them.they are again trying to suck the blood of innocent bhutanese

  4. I support the above saying.Why that uneducated people are doing like this.Why Nepal government is simple sitting,why Nepal government is not able to punish,even this craazy people are killing good social worker like K.B.This bad people never come us,nether they go Bhutan,simply they will sit in camp and take bad smeel rice,because that rice cost no money and no things to do simple eat and do bad work in camp.They think they are safe,hey stupid people(Those who kill K.B and give mental tortue to those who are in camp)donot think you are safe ,your’s name will realise every where from ur’s friends when Nepal government.and us Government start to take action.In hindu coustom ,we should not have to kill cow,but think that you are Killing social worker.?????????Think do something good in life.

  5. security has to be very conscious about this,punish them and move out of the camp.

    we know that these people have nothing to do any things good ,because they are not good at all,they are all fagative and fucky people.they are not educated,not at all,they are good drunker,they are good fucker,they are good gambluer,their face looks like a black charcool,they eat every things ,even the flesh of human beings and every these people are not at all good.

  6. condolence to the deserted family. concerned authorities urged to be active in neutralizing the situation and restore peace in the Bhutanese refugee camp and grant security to the threatened once.

  7. really a bad news, i do not think they need to leave the camp as ordered thropugh pamphlets. Please stop this type of act come forward and discuss what ever the issue is.

    • hello monarath adhikari jee, where r u ? u also the ex-camp leader ……… i know this is bad news for all but y they do this…….

      • Actually I know Saugat Subedi ji you were kantrikari in the camp All knew this.In this matter i think you may have somehand to make excuse.Is it right?

  8. forming aimless animal’s party in a refugee camp is useless.if u want to do some thing means go n do in bhutan.dont threat the social workers.

  9. It is usual

  10. Good

  11. ohh that is very sad news for the bhutaness leader, n bhutaness commenity so nepal government had to do some thing for that Leopard or monkey party.

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