Roshan Gurung and Chhitiz Club rock the house

Jain Thapa

This is the first cultural event organized by Bhutanese in the US with the Guest artist. Cheers and jubilation filled the Sontaine Auditorium, hall of Samuel Merritt Health Education Center, which was the recent venue for the first ‘not for profit organization’ for Bhutanese in California called Bhutanese American Community Center’s (BACC) “The Dashain Sangetik Saanjh”.

The show headlined by Nepali artist and singer Roshan Gurung, with opening performances by Bhutanese youths of the Chittiz Club and also by guest artists, was well received by the attendees of the event.
Artist from chhitiz club dancing

Starting an hour behind scheduled time-at 7:30 p.m., the crowd was welcomed by Sushma Gurung, who in turn passed the podium to the hosts for the night Ms. Annie Subedi and Mr. Ballav Poudyel.

This was the second year in a row that Dashain Saanjh hosted by BACC, to celebrate the Nepali festival of Dashain – the biggest annual festival celebrated by people of the Hindu faith. The event was also sponsored by Taste of the Himalayas, Kathmandu Movie Inc., ING Insurance, Car Dealer, 2010 Census Bureau and the Samuel Merritt University, who generously let BACC use the premise for free.
Dashain Sangetik Saanjh

The event began with elating dance and songs performances by youths of Chittiz club who sang and danced to popular Nepali and Hindi tunes. The youths from Chittiz also showcased their talents on music instruments, as they strayed away from the usual singing to music tracks, and instead opted to perform their music live by playing the instruments themselves.

Nabin Adhikari, the producer of the new Nepali movie ‘Kathmandu’ also treated the audience with the preview trailer of his movie.

As the show moved on the audiences were also treated to especial performances by guests artists, which included Rasta singer Rocker T, who sang the popular Hindi song ‘Tum Se Hi,’ from the movie ‘Jab we Met’ and Peter from the International Rescue Committee (IRC) who sang the classic hit, Nepali song, ‘Rato Rani Phule Jhain Saanjhama,’ leaving the crowd in awe.

There were few surprises from the under dog artists, like BACC Executive Director, Ananta Gurung, whose performance of the song ‘Taruni Dekhda Lobe Lagchha’ was hands down one of the highlights of the show.

But all the performances were just a mere warm up for the main attraction of the nights show, Roshan Gurung.

Gurung—a star artist from Nepal, who was a 1995 National Award Winner, took charge of the stage, showcasing his raw talent in front of the already electrified audience. As he shook the room with his melodious songs, the people already present on the dance floor joined him by singing and dancing.

Singing his hit song ‘Beejhla Hai Asu Le Pachyori’ and classical hits like ‘Ritu Haru Ma Timi’ by late Arun Thapa, Gurung left the crowd mesmerized, and brought the event to a perfect end.


6 Responses

  1. im happy to hear that roshan rocked calif .thnx for giving such an incredible enjoyment to all .

  2. bhutanese were doing really gud job in california.
    keep the culture alive .bt it will be best to remember bhutan rather than nepal.anyway i wish chitiz really do by the people n for the people of bhutanese refugee.i salute for ur bravery .keep on we r the bestwisher of you

  3. wow!what a non profit organisation in California.I wanna know about why they ask money for tickets.They must have known that those are new bhutanese folks and cant really afford such program…
    Mr.jain doing a great job writting gud article with wrong information…any way guys are doing great….

  4. “which was the recent venue for the first ‘not for profit organization’ for Bhutanese in California called Bhutanese American Community Center’s (BACC)”. I like this .Thanx guys keep it on.

    • ya prem jee,you are right..i also like that phrase coz that contains bad information and everyone likes that..but by the way, is chhitiz club(sister org)of BACC doing great?can u write me prem jee..

      • Thanx mamta jee I got chance to answer your question.When I have to say about my comment ,the thing is how we think about it. And we know
        ” Reality is what other see on us and behavior is what other say about us”. And we know how to ——————————— . And honestly I don’t know about the chhitiz club ; Is it sister org or brother org the matter of fact is I am not in (club world).

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