A drunk refugee killed his brother.

Dhanbir Tamang(Titopiromitho.com)

Dhanbir Tamang

(Bhutanusa.com) A Bhutanese refugee living in Sanischare refugee camp under Morang District of Nepal was beaten to death by his sibling on Sunday, the 20th September  according to a Nepali Blog titopiromitho.com. As per the source, dispute between Dhan Bir Tamang,35 and his 22 years old brother Birkha Tamang erupted on Friday evening at their residence on minor familial issue.

The incident spun itself into something terrible and violent when the latter started beating his brother mercilessly with a rod and bamboo. Almost dead, Dhanbir was picked from the pool of blood and was  immediately taken to the health center  of the Sanischare refugee camp. Despite the efforts of the health workers there, his condition further worsened and so he was referred to the BPKHS, Dharan where hope of further medication ceased after the doctors suggested them that the head injury was too much complicated. The family broguht him back home partly because of their inability to afford the expense of treatment in some big hospital where such injures could be treated.

Tamang succumbed to injures on Sunday. The culprit, who  admitted to have done such heinous  crime in a drunk state, has been handed over to the Urlabari Police  for further investigation and necessary action. The burial of deceased was held on Monday at the nearby Pathri Community Forest.


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  1. very bad news

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