BASCO throws a dainty Dashain BBQ in Northern California.

( The fine  and genial  Sunday- one could hear Nepali folk songs echoing at the south-western area of Washington Park, the biggest park in Alameda, California.  Around 1500 people were seen scattered and rejoicing with some Bhutanese reaching the spot early to prepare for the vent, the Nepali cuisine and the barbecue’s. Hosted by a Bhutanese non-profit group called Bhutanese Community Support Organisation in America (BASCO) based at San Fransisco Bay area in Northern California, this out door social gathering plus BBQ  program was to mark the coming of great Hindu festival Dashain.

Some 350 Bhutanese participated the event. Among them were not only kids, youths, women, adults and seniors but also the physically challenged with their wheel chairs. These people not only rejoiced the delicious dish of Nepali taste as is the typical of this festival but also extended the social network sharing their raptures, new experiences and the bitter past. They also had a great time introducing each other amidst the heightened rapport generated by music and dances presented by both celebrated and emerging genius.

The program has,undoubtedly gathered positive responses from the attendees to a large degree although the venue was some 3  miles away from the Bhutanese locality.
Answering the inquiry as to why the place of event changed from that mentioned n the invitation, BASCO founder member cum YOB president Mr Rajan Giri said, “Though scheduled earlier to be held at Oakland, we shifted the event to this beautiful island of Alameda due to some security reasons.”

A physically challenged Bhutanese child at the program(photo:Tek Misra)

A physically challenged Bhutanese child at the program(photo:Tek Misra)

kicked-off early at 11:00 am, Sunday, BASCO Dashain get-together did not get bothered by the vanishing yellow sun beam into the near-by bay but the vibes increased as the dusk stepped in when the performers and the audiences added zest and jingles into an already exhilarating merriments.

The program saw its informal conclusion at 6:00 pm Pacific time. Speaking at the event, Mr Giri thanked all participants, contributers, well-wishers and audiences stressing such activities should be continued from time to time. He also extended his warm wish of Dashain on behalf of the organization to all the Bhutanese relocated in that area irrespective of their direct and indirect participations. Had the BASCO chairman Mr. Deek Pokwal wished all Bhutanese a good Dashain, the event would have been even better.
Click here to view more photos.


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