Bhutanese refugees get fresh start in Ohio

Refugees from Bhutan in southern Asia have found a way to put their Old World skills to work in urban Ohio.Their old skill of farming is making Ohio green in vegetable.

They’re tilling the earth outside of Cleveland and making it bloom. And to the astonishment of many, they are using the old ways to gain a fresh start on land owned by a local farmer. On a recent morning, refugees sold their vegetables at a farmers market on the campus of the Cleveland Clinic.

Some see a model that could employ future waves of refugees – or at least other Bhutanese.

The venture sprang from a partnership between the Bhutanese families and the established Hindu community of Greater Cleveland, much of it from India. Most of the refugees are also Hindu, forced out of their mostly Buddhist country in the late 1980s.(source:toledoonthemove)


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  1. It’s good to learn the news “Bhutanese Refugees get fresh start in Ohio”. Our people have skills and ability. They can do better if the got chance to explore. Try , keep on, don’t get frustrated with language problem. Language is not everything, but something you need to have but skill is what you need.
    You did a great job. Try to enroll other friends and fellomates.

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