Oregon based GoBYO serves the community.

(By Som Subedi)
The Oregonian Bhutanese here in Portland had something special last Sunday,the September 20th. There was a big gathering at Bal Tiwari’s(a resettled Bhutanese) residence not merely for Barbecue party but for a special social event that is, no doubt, the first of its kind happening in this newly resettled community. Mr.Tiwari’s elder daughter was tying nuptial knot on that day with a Bhutanese groom, living in Seattle city of Washington.

Afew members of the GoBYO with Bride and Groom.

A few members of the GoBYO with Bride and Groom.

More than the event itself, what attracted the eager eyes of the attendees was the active involvement of the GoBYO(Group of Bhutanese Youths in Oregon)members at the ceremony. Young, jubilant and energetic Bhutanese youths tirelessly dedicated themselves for the grand success of the ceremony and accomplished their responsibilities of planning, managing and co-ordinating the activities ranging from welcoming and entertaining the guest to cooking, preparing,serving meals to the visitors.

Formed just a couple weeks ago, this non-profit association of the resettled Bhutanese youngsters in Portland has been actively working on areas that are related to the preservation of typical Bhutanese-Nepali Culture and tradition. ‘GoBYO directly involved in this function since ceremonies like these are closely related to our culture’ said Chitra Chauwan, the founding member of GoBYO.

To speak the truth,GoBYO members didn’t only assist the Tiwaris for the complete success of the social function but also have given inspiration to the entire, more than sixty percent of the newly resettled younger generations who are spending their time hanging out with their e-friends in social networks like friendster, hi5 and the like.

GoBYO is organizing  ‘Bijaya Dashami Tika’ program on Sunday,September 27 at 14968 SE. Stark Street, Portland, Oregon where all the members of the Bhutanese  community relocated in this region are expected to receive Tika and blessings from the senior citizens. The program is going to be organized with the financial aid from Portland chapter of Sewa Interational.

( Courtesy:BU member and GoBYO volunteer Som Subedi,Potland)


9 Responses

  1. y u make kids as weapon

  2. hi Sujan Ji and Oregonian.
    it is not good to eyewash the fact.if you see the caption of the photo. it is clearly mention A FEW MEMBERS OF THE GoBYO not All.i am very concerned and sentitive to use the kids as our members.but sure, they will be the FUTURE members of GoBYO if they WISH.PLEASE KEEP ON COMMENTING FOR THE BETTERMENT OF GoBYO.i know you see the great future of GoBYO

  3. Writing good comments by self !!!…… not a bad idea to put dust in people’s eyes…………………..

  4. Don’t ever try to think that u gonna get chance to spoil the youths again……………

  5. well, to be fact, the kids you see in the picuture are not the members of so called org, but they were there to observe and say good ye to their did and sathi, I am shocked why Som is using all the kids and we are specially disturbed by his attitude.
    please friend don’t repeat it again.

  6. hi Oregon youth ,i am happy becuse youth can do something in future ! keep going gobyo…………

  7. it’s good to here that we have something common, but i this is my request that don’t repeat the tale and folk fiction.

  8. its really good keep it up go on achiev the success

  9. good job.keep it up.

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