Australian Bhutanese attend community consultation program

(By Guna K.Majhi and Devi Bhakta)
The Bhutanese community here in Melbourne attended community consultation program at Multicultural Hub, Melbourne, Victoria on Wednesday,Sept.23,2009.
In the program, Bhutanese refugees were given awareness and information on various aspects by the officials from refugee council, Australia. Paul Power, the COE Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) presented and clarified the new policies of the government of Australia for the immigrants and refugees.

According to him, five thousands Bhutanese Refugee are going to resettle in Australia in about five years. Australia has settled 740,000 refugees from Eastern and Central Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Bhutan as well. Also Australia is settling 13,750 refugees including 1000 Bhutanese refugee annually.

Many individual from the community had asked several questions about the ongoing settlement problems. Mostly, the questions were about how to preserve the culture and develop its diversity within the community in Australia. Also they express the miserable situation and insecure condition of the remaining refugees in the refugee camp.

The Refugee Council also agreed to raise the issue to the government and UNHCR about the condition of therefugees in the camps.

“Hopefully some changes will be going to occur soon.” Mr. Power said.


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