Utahian Bhutanese celebrated Dashain

27 September. Bhutanese Community in Utah celebrated Dashain, the greatest festival of the Hindus today at Horizonte Welcome Center  located at 1234 S Main Street Salt Lake City,Utah.The program started at 8:30 in the morning with the recitetion of Chandi by the pandits, Dhanapati Bhattarai,Hari Prasad Adhikari and Thala Mishra.The recitation went till 12:15 and was concluded with melodious Aarity from all the individuals of the community. After the Aarity, all individuals including the guests received Tika, Prasad of Goddess Durga and then had lunch.

Bhutanese in Utah

Resettled Bhutanese in Utah at the function

The cultural program started at around 2.00 pm. It was a great combination of dancing and singing in which many participants competed to be the winner. The program started with a great Dhun from Sarangi by Ram Thapaliya. Maruni Nach demonstrated by Harka Bishwa and a dance by Rehermila Neupane, a little girl, Suma Thapa, Bishal Barakoti and Bhumika Phuyel rocked the celebration. There were more than 500 people present in the celebration. Pick and drop off services were provided by the Bhutanese youths and volunteers who owned cars. The program was conducted successfully by the Dashain Celebration Committee formed earlier.

(information and photo courtesy by Ghanashyam Dulal)


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