Norwegian Bhutanese celebrated Dashain

Resettled Bhutanese in Norway celebrated Dashain at a multicultural hall of Tysvær Kommune under  Rogland district today. According to our friend Tilak Dhital,around 60 Bhutanese relocated in four different Kommunes(Karmøy, Vindafjord,Tysvær and Haugesund) observed this festival with various programs.Other invitees included Officials from different organizations, reporters and some Norwegian citizens as guests.The program started normally  at 12 noon but  enmeshed its formal way at around 4 pm.
Resettled Bhutanese in Norway
The program to put Tika(Hindu symbol) ended by 1pm while the rest of the time they spent with delicious Nepali cuisiine.All the guests were served with fine Nepali food.
Bhutanese Resettled in Norway on Dashain
As of 2009, 199 refugees from Bhutan have left Nepal to embark on fresh lives in Norway as part of resettlement schemes of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)


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