APF arrested a Bhutanese refugee in Beldangi-I camp

A Bhutanese refugee was arrested in Beldangi-1 refugee camp in eastern Nepal today. The armed police force deployed at the camp nabbed Bir Bahadur Mainali, 23, a resident of Beldangi-1 sector F for threatening another refugee Nandalal Ghimire of the same camp(sector C-2). Ghimire, who is undergoing process for relocation in USA was threatened of taking his life if he didn’t comply with what Mainali said

Trying to extract more information on this, we contacted our friend in the refugee camp this morning. ‘It is learnt that Mainali has been vehemently opposing the third country resettlement program and support the repatriation’,reports our friend Shaman Kshetri from Beldangi-II camp who further says he(Mainali), time and again threatens the refugees who are in the process of their resettlement and warns them of the dire consequences if they don’t support the Bhutanese movement.’

On the other hand, BNS,an independent Bhutanese news service, has quoted the APF Incharge,Gunaraj Baniya as saying that Mainali’s case has been forwarded to Damak Police Station for further investigation with suspicion that he could be one of the responsible figures of the K.B. Khadka’s slaying which happened last month in Beldangi-2 refugee camp.


4 Responses

  1. This type of activity is going on in the camp,like pulling eachothers leg,threatening the innocent,exploiting peoples interest because of the threat of being killed lots of people donot wish to come out for the resettlement process.If APF arrest the remaining suspects it is definite that more people r likely to leave the camp for betterment.Hope to have this type of news is brought to us in future.thanx to the publisher.

  2. oh god people have so conjusted mind and they don’t let other to do a right thing.Every one loves the motherland.In my view,if we were here before 17 years we wouldnot be so long be suffering like this.
    So if any one wants to carry out his/her own decision,there the right to do.
    my view wants anyone like who threatens other must be punished right a way coz of voileting others freedom human rights.

  3. please give the wanted ponishment to those who deeds bad to our main persons of camp thanks preeti beldangi

  4. y we r doing this? Let the people do what they wanna do and be? god we are still in that era where monkey doesn’t wanna make his house and doesn’t let other to make house……….Jesus common i don’t think ur philoshopy allowed to do that….if ur real fighter then don’t scared and frightend with ppl…..damn bull shits

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