Street drama in the camps raising HIV awareness

With the primary objective of raising awareness among the vulnerable refugees on HIV AIDS, Pariwartan Natya pariwar, a group of young Bhutanese artists are launching a street drama in different places of the refugee camps. The organizers have begun the first show of the drama last week during Dashain in order to drag more and more refugee population towards this serious issue availing of the fact that there will be more crowds in the camp during festival than in usual days. Written and directed by Aita Gurung, the drama, apart from entertaining the passers-by seems to propagate a good message of consciousness of the fatal sexual diseases.

A majority of the Bhutanese refugees are illiterate and so they don’t have knowledge about the preventive measure of HIV and other STDs, consequently, they don’t only fall the victims of the disease but also transfer to others.

In the drama, a young Bhutanese refugee, moves out the camp in search of job opportunities when the food supplied to him by the humanitarian organizations is not sufficient to meet his ends. he comes in contact with several women, maintaining illicit relationship. Days and nights he passes time in restaurants flirting and enjoying with sex workers. Finally, during Dashain he returns to the camp where he falls sick after some days. His family takes him to the health nearest centre where the health workers diagnosed him as being a HIV victim. He doesn’t believe at first. But, later they convince him. He accepts and admits his faults and advises the mass about HIV AIDS and other related diseases.

The organizers believe that such a small endeavor could bring a big difference in the society. So the are going to launch the show in all the seven refugee camps with in a couple months.
( and Shaman Kshetri(info)


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  1. Ma Nepal ko nagrikt bhae pani malai K BKhadka ko hattya ko message sunda arthath parda sharai dukha lageko chha ke chhan chhan ei bhotangey sarnarthi testo manish abha bhotangey le kaile pani bhet daina testo Rajabadi bhutan ko kina camp maa rakheko y\esma Nepal sarkar le buddhi puraunu parchha chhanera camp baata simana katai di halnu parchha akhir maa ei sarnarthi le ke khojeko Sansar ma nepali ko Sir jhukai diye ei Bhotangey nepali hu bhanne le bholi gaera rupaya ko lagi Nepal ma pani eni haru le je jasto krya kalap garnu sakchhan yesta kukur ko jasto buddhi bhaeko pasu haru le Nepal sarkar le chito bhanda chito buddi purai halnu ati nai jaruri dekchhu ma khai Nepal ko janta le pani yesto K B ko pariwar le jasto dukha kasto bhognu na parosh bhanna chhanchhu

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