BCU receives grant from DWS

The Bhutanese Community in Utah(BCU) received Community Capacity Building Grant for the fiscal year 2010.The Grant that amounts $12,000 will be utilized for the Capacity Building of the Community People in their new homeland, according to the statement released today a copy of which was  mailed to us by one of its central committee members.  The Board of Members of the Community had submitted the grant Proposal  to the Department of Workforce Services (Refugee Team) on 9th of September 2009.

BCU, a Utah based non-profit Organisation of the resettled Bhutanese was officially formed a few months ago with the aim and objective of preserving and promoting the unique Bhutanese-Nepali culture and tradition that is on the verge of extinction following our relocation in different pats of the world.Besides, the organization also helps community people tackle with various problems arising in their every day lives.

With the supervision and direct support from Mr.Ghana Dulal and Mr. Dharani Adhikari who graduated in leadership training program on 1st of October 2009 from Community College, Hem Dulal, Jaga Adhikari, Hem Gurung, Keshav Adhikari, Hari Koirala, Indra Phuyel, D P Baral, Biren Dulal and all other active members of the community have been working to their greatest endeavor to boost the Community to this level despite their hectic daily schedule .The organization has been hosting various programs that directly benefit the  entire resettled Bhutanese in Salt Lake City,Utah, ever since its establishment.

The statement has pin pointed following decisive issues to be focused for the progression of their social organization:
 Provide relevant necessary services to the neediest population.The project will focus mainly to the targeted population.
 Provide updated information to access the resources and services available within the community.
 Provide referral services and advocacy to the needy families of the community focusing the targeted population.
 Provide safe, secure, and sanitary living of the targeted population of the community. Also help finding them jobs.
 Make the targeted population able to adjust in their new homes availing with all the resources available. Help the population advocate in the required sector.
 Prepare the database of the individuals served and their families and keep the database updated.
 Make sure that the project is running smoothly,uninterrupted.
 Evaluate the progress of the community and keep the continuity of the project or expand the project as required by the community people.

Elaborating the plan and vision of the organzation, the central committee member Mr. Biren Dulal says, “The Board of Members of the Community will now recruit a capable candidate as a Supplemental Case Manager from within the Community to provide the direct service to the disadvantaged group of the Community.


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  1. this is the time to practise,so do it

  2. great job gyes,keep it up…

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