Bhutanese, among the attendees at the premier show of ‘Kathmandu’

Resettled Bhutanese numbering around a dozen joined the crowd of some 350 people at the world premier show of a Nepali movie ‘Kathmandu’ on Saturday, Oct.03. The show was held at the Scottish Rite Centre, Lakeside Dr. in the downtown Oakland. The producer cum director of the movie Mr. Aakash Adhikari welcome the guest and the attendees at the show and wished them for a wonderful Dipawali festival before the show kicked off at 6.PM Pacific Time. Resh Marahatha, sanyukta Rana, Prapti Ghimire,Riya Murphi, Nabin Adhikari were among the artists present at the red carpet. It was the first Nepali film that released world wide with premier show in USA.

‘Kathmandu’, a pure Nepali Movie part of which was shot in Hollywood, San Francisco downtown and Golden Gate area is expected to be the blockbuster as it stars Hollywood actress Ria Murphy in the leading role, Oscar winner veteran Indian singer Sukwinder Singh as the guest artist and play back singer and popular Nepali nun singer Ani Chhoyan Dolma. Apart from these, the movie itself has been made using a recent technology-it is said.

Kathmandu portrays the lives of the over- ambitious Nepali youths in the remote villages who enter Kathmandu(capital city) in quest of opportunity.But, unfortunately,befriend with the bad company and spoil their lives(lets not say the whole story).
More than the entertainment, the movie endeavors to instruct and inform the younger generation who are prone to various anti social activities including smoking,drinking, sex, drug addiction and so on.


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