Guna K. Majhi and Devi Bhakta Ghimire
(Melbourne, Australia)
The resettled Bhutanese families and members of the Bhutanese Community in Australia (BCA) INC. from Melbourne, Albury and Wodonga have organised the cultural program on 4th October, 2009 in Albury. The program was organised to honor the volunteers, who look after resettled Bhutanese in Albury-Wodonga and to observe the auspicious Dasara and welcome the Deepawali.

The program was organised under the supervision of Parsuram Sharma-Luitel, the president of BCA.INC along with Secretary Mr. Dhan Prashad Siwakoti, Treasurer Mr. Lajit Bhujel and the eleven Executive members of the community. Including the Officials from different agencies like MP of Albury, Mayer of Albury City council, Head of lead settlement agency etc, The Reporters, The Volunteers, The Local citizens and some around 300 resettled Bhutanese from Melbourne, Albury and Wodonga observed the function.

The program has started by offering Tike of Vijay Dasami by Chief Guest and the priest. Followed by the speeches from various personalities about the importance of Dasara, the greatest Hindu Festival. Most of the resettled Bhutanese were present in the national dress of Bhutan depicting that fact that they still have faith on Bhutanese culture and tradition.

The second part of the program was a cultural show from all three places of Victoria and NSW. The show included tradition songs,dances etc. While the older Bhutanese folks enjoyed with the Sangini dance and vajan-Kirten, the young generation rocked the show with solo songs with musical dance. Round about 60 people has participated in the program.

The program started normally at 11 AM but trapped its formal way at around 4 PM. The most exciting and interesting program was the last item where every Bhutanese along with the Guest danced on the floor. The program was successfully conducted by the Bhutanese Community in Australia (BCA) INC. the only registered community of resettled Bhutanese in Australia.
(Mr. Majhi and Mr. Ghimire are the members of the
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  1. Devi Ghimire are you from sector E beldangi 1?
    If so please email me at I am Deepak

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