Refugees bid goodbye to Dashain

Administrative Offices, schools and Hospitals resumed their services after almost ten days long Dashain Holiday here in the Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal from Today. With everything getting back to normal, the Bangay Bajar,(located at the outskirt of the refugee camp) vegetable shops,small street shops in different places of Beldangi refugee camp have began their usual business.The Ten days long, one of the greatest and longest hindu festivals ended on Sunday with the final Tika of the Purnima, the full moon day.

Looking back to the Dashain week, days weren’t that fine and joyous as expected. No hustle and bustle-fewer refugee families could be seen in the streets heading for their relatives for Tika and Aashirbad. More than Dashain celebration, people paid heed towards their security as the situation in the camp is getting fragile.The camp administration had suggested the people to be alert and tightened the security during Dashain fearing that some unwanted factors might create havoc taking advantage of this occasion. Thanks to the alertness and vigil of the security forces that Dashain went peacefully, though not joyfully.

With a series of unpleasant incidents including K.B Khadka’s assassination that unfolded in the refugee camp just few days ahead of the beginning of this festival, this time Dashain hasn’t brought much joy to the Bhutanese refugee community despite the fact that a quarter of the refugee population were observing it as their last festival in the camps- in this sense that they will have already resettled in some countries by this time next year.
Yet,another great annual festival Dipawali(festival of light) is already at our corridor. But,at present, keeping it aside, people are concerned about the arrest of two refugees by the police on Friday from Beldangi-I and Timai refugee camps. Interestingly, the duo have confessed that they’d carried out the murder of Khadka a few weeks ago and Shantiram Nepal(from Beldangi-1) some months back. News are fast spreading that there is an involvement of some high level Bhutanese refugee leadership in these incidents. However, it is not officially announced. Nepali Police is actively working on this to find out the truth and act accordingly.

Following this new development, the refugees are heaving a sigh of relief that sooner or later the convict would be brought to book and would be punished legally so that no such incidents would further develop in the camps.

Mean while, there is a sad news from Beldangi-I refugee camp that a Bhutanese refugee died while  fishing in the nearby river on Saturday, the 3rd October. Lak Bahadur Rai,47, resident of Beldangi-1 refugee camp,Sector G/1,hut no.07  was fishing in the Ratuwa River at Hakpaar, Chulachuli VDC when a huge branch of tree fell on him and killed him on the spot.

Rai’s body has been taken by the police for   postmortem and will be handed back to the family on Tuesday.
(Report prepared by Tilak Poudel with the information given by our Beldangi correspondent, P.Sangpang)

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